IWB Weight Loss Program-Client Success Stories & More


IWB Weight Loss Program-Client Success Stories

Heya People,

Its been so many days we did not have talk day 😀 ( read you are dead 😉 ) . I have a lot of things to share with everyone, so fasten your seat belts please.

First, we have a gynaecologist on board. You can ask your queries here using the comments section. I will consolidate and send to her. Will consolidate and publish answers to the queries here, may be by end of next week. Well, it would depend on number of questions we ask her. So ladies, this is your chance ! In case you don’t want to reveal your identity here, please use an alias in the name when you comment 🙂

Second, I would like to share with you weight loss program of 2 ladies who have are lost a lot of weight. They are still work in progress, but we are immensely proud that they have come such a long way. See for yourself.

fitnessvsweightloss india


The first pic that you see is at 115 kgs and the second one at 96 kgs !! This lady is inspiration for everyone. She has been overweight most of her life and has been doing great with IWB weight loss program despite PCOD.

A look at the second woman ! She has dropped 11-12 kgs in 3 months. N I feel she has lost a lot in inches, I see her shrunk many folds !

iwb weight loss program

If you wish to lose weight, email us – fitnessvsweightloss@gmail.com

Third, if you have want us to do a post on some area not covered yet, please feel free to email us – weightloss@wiseshe.com . You can also send us your weight loss stories, we will publish them. You can inspire a lot of people with your success stories 🙂 . You are also welcome to send us your valuable feedback or suggestions.

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Fifth, Happy Weekend 🙂 . Part hard and workout harder 😉

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