IWB Weight Loss Program-Lose Weight With Us


IWB Weight Loss Program-Lose Weight With Us

Are you tired of trying to lose weight and neither have the time to spend hours and hours in the gym then IWB weight loss programme is the right place for you.

We offer you every day online consultation with guaranteed weight loss.If you don’t lose weight then we will return your money back 🙂

I Anamika  lost 18kg  all by myself by following a particular lifestyle and yes! without keeping myself hngry.I am a PCOD patient and gained just too much in my pregnancy.I follow a low carb diet and I am ready to help you out to in losing weight.We with our team of dietitians will make you lose weight with our personalized diet plan.

  You can be non vegetarian (preferably) , eggiterian or a vegetarian too

weight loss after delievery

Tarun lost 6 kg in 40 days .This is what she has to say.

I am a vegetarian, eat eggs but no meat. I believed low carb is not possible for vegetarians and hence I had a personal dietitian. Soon, I became frustrated with slow weight loss and ditched my dietitian. Finally with full commitment, I  gave low carb lifestyle a try and I am extremely happy with my decision. I have lost 5-6 kgs in last 40 days all by myself.

This lifestyle is a proven way to lose weight, improve health and fitness. Since a lot of people asked us about a sure shot way of losing weight, we collaborated with a dietitian to create a program which we can pass to anyone who wants to lose weight.

Features of IWB Weight Loss Program

  • Customized diet plan for your needs.

  • Weekly diet plan and detailed follow up. 4 diet plans in 1 month so that you never get bored with food.

  • Instant communication with me and Anamika through email. We will be reverting to your email immediately.

  • Full attention – Anamika and I will manage the entire program and not leave you only in the hands of dietician.

  • The program is based on Low Carb lifestyle since we have experienced the benefits.

  • No starvation and that’s a promise.

Prerequisites for IWB Weight Loss Program

  • Weighing scale. Full commitment is needed from your end. You will need to share your weight every alternate day.
  • Little interest in cooking
  • You need to be either a non vegetarian or eggitarian(veggies + eggs) for this program.

Who should Join IWB Weight Loss Program ?

This program is specialized in post delivery weight loss and for ladies who have thyroid or PCOD. If you have any other medical problems, this program is not for you since you would require treatment which is best done under physical supervision.

If you have tried all measures to lose weight from low calorie diets to long workout sessions in gym , this program is for you.

If you think going on low carb is really difficult, or leaving roti or rice is too much of a task, then this plan is certainly for you. We will not keep you hungry and slowly get you acquainted to a life style which will keep you happy and healthy.


Rs 3000 for 1 month

Oooh come on, its equivalent to your 1 month gymming which gave you no results !

Our Clients testimonials:- (Read here)

Hi, Down with lumbar spinal stenosis and slip disc issues, I was on a weight gain train. Medications, bed rest and poor eating habits just made it all worse. I have always been an ardent reader of IWB and with the weight loss plan, I thought I must give it a try. I have done everything and in many ways to lose weight but nothing succeeds…I got in touch with Tarun got my doubts cleared and started with the program.
I have lost 1 kgs in 1 and few inches in a week. I feel light and healthy already. Today one of my colleague complimented saying my waist looks better Razz . I haven’t deviated from the plan once and I feel it’s filling. There are options to eat and till now there has been no complain. I do feel hungry at a certain time but Tarun is trying her best to help me in that Razz ..Thanks.


How Kanan lost weight – She now works with us 🙂



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