IWB Weight Loss Program Reinvented!


IWB Weight Loss Program Reinvented


IWB Weight Loss Program just got better ! Thanks to all the people who trusted us so much and gave us an opportunity to help them in their weight loss journey.

iwb weight loss program

We started approximately 2 months back with a qualified nutritionist and experienced team who monitors clients’ progress on a daily basis. In this time span, we have managed to help our clients by doing all what it takes to attain a healthy toned body.

We have evolved with time by learning from our day to day conversation with our clients and their progress.

A lot of queries come in every day asking the same questions, so I thought its better to explain the way we work.

How do we work ?

  • We send a detailed questionnaire and ask our clients to fill it and send back to us. This questionnaire helps us to know about your weight woes, medical history, eating habits, lifestyle etc. We get to the bottom to make sure we know all about you and your lifestyle.
  • We study the response and design diet plans tailor made to suit your requirements.
  • We give exercise suggestions depending on a lot of factors like fitness level, age, current weight etc.
  • We change the plan weekly or bi-monthly depending on your response and progress. Change in plan is totally need driven and to our team’s discretion.
  • We provide a grocery list and general instructions to help you start the plan.

Why should you join us ?

  • We don’t sell standardized plans. We may change the plan even in the middle of the week if we feel there is a need.
  • We give personal attention to all the clients. We help you choose meal options available to you when you dine out with family, friends or colleagues. Our plan won’t kill your social life at all 🙂
  • We track you daily, yes you read it right ! You will need to update us your daily experience and weight so that we can provide you feedback at the end of the day. Our goal is to ensure that you are on track always.
  • We will never make you starve, you will eat well and still shed weight.

Whom can we entertain ?

We have the capability to design plans for people with these ailments –

  • Thryoid
  • Post Pregnancy weight loss
  • Asthama
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity

How much do we charge ?

We have 2 plans –

  • Monthly Plan – Rs 4000
  • Quarterly Plan – Rs 10,000

If you start with a monthly plan, we give you 10 days to upgrade to quarterly plan without any additional charges. Within 10 days of paying Rs 4000, you can pay balance of Rs 6000 for a quarterly plan.

If you upgrade from monthly to qurterly plan after a month of joining, we can upgrade you to quarterly plan by paying Rs 7000. This means quarterly plan will cost you Rs 11,000.

We don’t give trials since the diet plans are customized and we really work hard on them.

If you have more queries, feel free to email – fitnessvsweightloss@gmail.com



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