IWB Weight Loss Program Success Story-Another Happy Client

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IWB Weight Loss Program Success Story-Another Happy Client

Hello Everyone,

It has been a really long time we have not shared a weight loss story of any of our client. So those who are low on motivation or dicey about joining IWB weight loss program, here is something that will make you believe why there is no shortcut to a good health and a toned body.

Let the Lady herself do the talking –

Love Tarun


What goes around comes back, this is what my philosophy has been for my life. It was July 2013 my graduation day for my MBA .I was proud, happy and over confident. I had a fellow mate who was more than 90 kg I was making fun of her with my fiancé then now my husband that she was fat etc.

Times flies, my wedding bells were ringing. I went to India had a great wedding but put all weight back after my marriage that I had lost before it with crash dieting. It was until May 2014, I realized I need to do something about it my weight was 79.5 kg then.

IWB Weight Loss Program Success Story

I joined a gym thinking I can eat whatever I want and scale didn’t move. I cried, felt devastated and not happy with the way I felt about myself. I then came to know my friend who was 90 kg then has lost 20 kg in 4 months and that kept me wondered how? I searched online but landed in confusion as I was not sure if dal, rajma, roti what is good and what is not. Also I have PCOS, to add extra creamy icing on top of my all worries.

Then I happened to know about IWB and this was it. I joined them in September 2014 and was 80.5 kg and now as for June 2015 I weigh 69 kg. These people are blessing in my life, they have helped me changed my eating habits, and made me understand that food is medicine. I have better understanding as to what to eat, when to eat and how to control cravings.

Indian Weight Loss Program Before After Pictures

I have long way to go need to lose another 10 kg to reach my goal weight and will not leave them until I reach my goal weight. Till then I will be after Kanan and Tarun life and keep asking them…trust me ladies out there join them and make your life better!!! Even my husband is a fan of them and pat on my back I made right decision my joining IWB and of course he has contributed to for my weight loss. So far 🙂

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