IWB Weight Loss Program Success-Before After Pictures


IWB Weight Loss Program Success-Before After Pictures

Heya People,

Meet Pritha. She had enrolled for IWB weight loss program. Below pictures describe her 6 months journey.


When she joined IWB weight loss program, her weight was 88 Kgs and after 1 month she weighed 79kg. She lost a whopping 9kgs in a short span of mere 30 days! If you think she worked out like crazy, hell you are wrong! During weekdays, she worked out for 15-20 minutes and 45-50 minutes during weekend.



What you eat plays 70-80% role in your weight loss, workout plays the rest! You can’t exercise a bad diet, period! IWB weight loss program changes your lifestyle for good. It not only makes you lose weight, it improves your health as well.

Pritha today weighs 65 kgs, and has joined us again to shed a couple more kgs 🙂 . She was suffering from PCOS and her health has improved a lot and still improving for good.

She is a girl next door which you all be able to relate. She has been over weight all her life and had tried all kinds of shortcuts to lose weight. She tried yoga, joined VLCC , tried gyming etc. She never thought to control her eating which is the most important aspect of losing weight.

Pritha has become an inspiration for her friends, family , relatives and all the people around her. The entire IWB team is so proud of her achievement! If she can do it, anyone can! IWB weight loss program focuses on healthy eating and not crash dieting. You won’t shed hair, lose energy, torture your skin or spoil your health. Instead, you will have more energy than ever. You will eat a lot and still lose weight.

We have opened registartions for May 2015. If you are interested to join, please email us at fitnessvsweightloss@gmail.com .

Remember, taking the first step is the most difficult step! Once you push yourself to begin, there is no looking back 🙂



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