Japanese Weight Loss Trick – How to Go About It?

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Japanese Weight Loss Trick

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When it comes to life expectancy, the Japanese always top the charts. Do you know that the average lifespan in Japan is more than 80 years? But what is their secret? How do they manage to have slim waist-lines?

Japanese locals say that the secret of their good health lies in something very basic and that is ‘water’. Yes, simply water! They follow a traditional Japanese water therapy. This practice has been an inseparable part of Japanese tradition and is known to contribute to the good health of the locals.

Japanese Weight Loss Trick–Water therapy


As a therapeutic technique for weight loss it can be called hydrotherapy. In this therapy, water is consumed to cleanse the bowels in a natural manner, detoxify the body for optimal health. Practitioners of Japanese water therapy ensure that they drink water as soon as they get up every morning on an empty stomach. The Japanese water therapy needs you to consume lots of water at specific time intervals.

It may sound simple but it is not that easy. You would need to drink not just a glass of water upon waking up every morning but 4 glasses before you even brush your teeth. That would be around 640 ml of water. For the next 45 minutes you must not drink or eat anything. After that you can have a normal healthy breakfast.

The high water intake before your breakfast means that there are fewer chances of overeating. After the breakfast you must fast and avoid food and drink for about 2 hours. Then you can start eating and drinking the way you usually do. You simply need to ensure that you don’t consume food and fluids for 2 hours post lunch and dinner.

Benefits of Japanese water therapy

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According to Japanese, water therapy is helpful in boosting immunity and providing an increased protection from diseases. This improves promoting a longer and a healthier life. It is also said to improve digestive function as it cleans the gut and helps in maintaining the right pH balance. With better digestion there is improved hunger, appetite and nutrient absorption. Japanese water therapy is helpful for weight loss as staying well hydrated throughout the day makes you feel satiated and wards off hunger pangs and food cravings.

Water being a detoxifying agent helps regulate energy levels so that you don’t have junk food cravings. Another benefit that this water therapy provides is flawless skin. This is probably the secret of the healthy skin of most Japanese.

While giving this a try is a good idea, don’t drink excessive amount of water ( I mean don’t go overboard) as it can cause a medical condition called water intoxication. When you start this water therapy, ensure that you don’t force yourself to drink too much water in one single go.

Install a water reminder app in your phone if case you have trouble remembering to drink water.

All the best if you are about to adopt the Japanese weight loss trick !

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