Jennifer Lopez’s Diet And Workout Routine


Jennifer Lopez’s Diet And Workout Routine

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The Hollywood diva, Jennifer Lopez has always been in the limelight. The 45 year old star has maintained her body so well that you won’t be able to digest the fact that she is 45. Being 45 years old and having such a fabulous body is an achievement in itself!

Jennifer Lopez’s Diet And Workout Routine

Jennifer-Lopez-diet and workout routine

Hmmm let us find out about Jennifer Lopez’s diet, workout routine and lifestyle that has helped her stay young and fit.

Outlook towards life

Jennifer Lopez keeps her mind focused on the positive side. Just like most of us, she too has days when she is not ready to face things, she thinks positively on those days in order to get her mind and spirit steady and ready to face anything. Don’t you feel that to have a glowing health one needs to have a healthy mind?

Healthy body image

She is famous for her well maintained body. The interesting fact is that she has never allowed the pressure to be slim bother her irrespective of what her shape and size is. There was a time when she too had baby fat and her thighs were not proportionate to her ankles. She then lost weight and was quite thin. When Jennifer got pregnant she felt that she would never be her old self again. After the birth of her twins she had a jiggly belly, but she loved that too because she had earned it! It took her a year to be back in shape.


jennifer-lopez-workout routine

Jennifer is always ready to meet workout goals. To shed her baby weight, she joined a sprint triathlon in 2008. To stay in shape, she has become Tracy Anderson’s devoted student. She does cardio and her workouts following Tracy Anderson’s method. Jennifer is very committed. She heads to the gym even when she does not want to work out. When she feels down when she reaches home, she gets ready to go to the gym. Once she is back from the gym, she takes a bath, wears a nice outfit, does a bit of makeup and hair do and ends up feeling great about herself!! Going to the gym peps her up.

Healthy habits

Jennifer is not into partying hard at all. She is able to maintain that enviable glow on her face in spite of working 16 hours a day with certain healthy habits that include saying no to smoking and drinking alcohol. She makes sure that she gets a good 8 hours of sleep. She also follows a sugar- free and salt-free diet. She drinks a lot of water to internally cleanse her body.

Practical outlook towards workout and diet

Looking good and feeling good is all about pure hard work and J Lo knows that! She says that one has to work out and watch what one eats. It is like a job and one should brace up for that. Jennifer has also been on a 22 day vegan diet to help her reset her eating habits and to help lose her weight. You can learn more about the vegan diet here. Talking about JLo’s diet plan, well, here it is:


She likes to have a slice of turkey, 1 boiled egg with some non-fat cottage cheese along with non- fat yoghurt or coffee.

Mid day snacking

As a mid day snack, she eats non-fat cottage cheese along with a cup of low-fat yoghurt.


Lunch includes grilled chicken, salmon fillets and egg custard as a dessert.

Evening snack

She has a slice of turkey as an evening snack.


Dinner for her is tandoori chicken, prawns along with oat bran pancake.

(I am surprised to see that her food doesn’t have veggies and fruits. It has so much of meat in it! No offence intended though 😛 )

All about Jennifer Lopez’s fitness story is inspirational!! So ladies, buckle up and try to keep people guessing your age just like how you can’t guess Jennifer’s age from her pics.

Are you inspired by Jennifer Lopez’s Diet And Workout Routine?

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