Jessica Simpson Weight Loss-Diet and Workout Regimen


Jessica Simpson Weight Loss-Diet and Workout Regimen

Losing weight, especially after pregnancy, is a challenge that women face all over the world. Things were particularly hard for Jessica Ann Simpson who is famous across the world for her vocal talents. She is also a TV personality, fashion designer and actress who makes headlines every day. She was facing the pressures to rekindle her career after the birth of her two babies. The mum of two had been constantly criticized for the weight that she had put on ever since 2009. With two babies, Maxwell and Ace she was seen to be struggling with weight problems. But all that has changed with her new figure that makes her look every bit of a bombshell.

Jessica Simpson Weight Loss-Diet and Workout Regimen

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A Visibly Slimmer and Stunning Simpson

The 33 year old blonde bombshell has shocked the world with her weight loss. If you have gone through recent news articles and weight loss blogs, you might have already found one more reason why she has lately become more popular – her weight loss and a new beach body. With one sweep, Simpson seems to have put those weighty days behind her when she had given birth to her baby Ace last year.

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A Healthier Simpson in 2011

In her Instagram profile, she has credited Weight Watchers for her success in losing unwanted pounds. She has managed to lose 60 lbs. If you are one of the hapless souls sighing over her new figure and wish to know how she did it, you can read on to know the process.

Simpson’s Weight Loss Diet

Reportedly, her diet featured five small meals every day comprising of low-calorie foods. These comprised of lots of fresh vegetables, non-fat dairy foods and lean meat. This was a portion-controlled diet and Simpson especially loved to gorge on Vegetable Ramekins and Italian Baked Egg.

Her diet began with a 5-day cleanse regimen which comprised of no meals. She only consumed liquid smoothies and munching only on a few crispy snacks such as celery or crispy crackers now and then. By the 15th day, she could have a couple of mini-meals although consuming mostly smoothies and crispy snacks. By Day 21, she could eat three meals per day along with dessert. The meals mostly comprised of fiber-rich, lean and low-calorie foods. Some of the foods included chicken satay, quinoa cereal, grilled white fish, simple grilled pita pizzas and egg white omelets. Dessert mostly included fruit cobbler or macaroons.

Simpson’s Exercise Regimen

According to reports, she worked out for 4 days every week with Harley Pasternak, her trainer for a long time, and did strength training and cardio exercises. Her workout regimen comprised of cardio exercises for 10-20 minutes, resistance training for 20 minutes to half-an-hour and a lot of flexibility exercises.

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Simpson Credits Weight Watchers for Her Weight Loss Success

Other than this, she also did Yoga and walked 8,000-10,000 steps every day – which translates to around 4-5 miles.

In the first two weeks, she managed to lose 8 ½ pounds which gave her the inspiration to continue with her efforts.

Simpson also said that she could enjoy the foods that she loves once in a while, which included a glass of wine occasionally. While she may not yet become a pin-up beauty, she wants to have a real womanly figure with ample curves.

Through dedicated efforts, she managed to lose 60 pounds in only 7 months after the birth of her second child Ace. So there is hope yet for all non celebrity moms throughout the world. Get inspired by Simpson and emulate her weight loss and workout plans to lose weight fast!

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