Jet Lag And Top Ways To Avoid It


Jet Lag And Top Ways To Avoid It

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Are you a frequent flyer? Then you must have experienced jet lag. You see, when you fly across different time zones in a short while you end up with a jet lag. There are very easy to identify signs of jet lag and they are:

It all begins when the body’s sleep schedule is changed in a moment’s notice. All the patterns of sleeping, exercising and eating get interrupted. There is chaos and confusion in the body that leads to the above mentioned symptoms.

Why do we get jet lag?

circadian cycle sleep and technology

There is a 24-hour cycle called “circadian rhythms” according to which our body works. The rhythms are determined by our body temperature and rise and fall of hormones. These conditions are further influenced by our exposure to sunlight. Now, when we happen to travel to new time zone, the circadian rhythms find it difficult to adjust to the new time zone. There are changes in meal times, sleep schedule, sunlight exposure and much more. As a result, our bodies go haywire. We would want to sleep when there is daylight outside and we feel hungry according to the meal times of the destination in which we previously were. This is called jet lag.

How to avoid jet lag?

Here is how you can avoid a jet lag,

Before the flight

Schedule for a flight that arrives early evening

Being on a long flight will make you tired and you may want to sleep. If on reaching you sleep off, you will get a good night’s sleep. However, you may have other obligations too. So, this trick cannot work always.

Hydrate yourself


Drink lots of water before, during and after your flight so that you don’t suffer from fatigue, dizziness and constipation.

During the flight

Eat light meals

To avoid binge eating throughout the flight, you can opt for eating a light meal before your flight. This prevents indulging in junk food and it somehow compensates for the lack of activity you will have during the flight. Avoid foods that cause gas such as corn, beans and onions. The bodily gases increase in a flight and the process of digestion also slows down. You can also think of fasting during the flight. Fasting can adjust your body clock by delaying sleep.

Avoid dehydrating drinks

Bring in bags of herbal tea and request for some hot water. Avoid alcohol totally as it can increase the effect of drinking due to the high altitudes you are travelling at.

During a long flight walk and stretch

You just can’t sit in one place for hours together. So, you got to get moving. Don’t get up during take-off and landing though :P. Stretch a bit and walk around a little.

Don’t nap for more than 45 mins

Keep your naps short. Sleeping for more than 45 mins in the flight is not good because you will get that drugged feeling after a nap and sleeping more will not help either.

After the flight

Sun- Do you suffer from body heat

Get some sunlight

Getting some sunlight especially after a long flight is important. Staying in the sun will prevent you from falling asleep and will actually help you in adjusting to the sleeping pattern of the location.

Don’t strain

You just tired yourself by changing everything so just chill after your flight. Don’t strain.

Adjust your meal and sleep time

Your body should synchronize with the time frame of the destination in which you are in so that you don’t have jet lag for the remaining part of your trip.

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