Join #IWBMovement

Join #IWBMovement

The Body Positive Movement

The #IWBMovement aims to build a strong community of people who believe in ‘Body Positivity’. We wish to be part of a group of people who are self-aware and ready to help those who are struggling with self-image issues in their efforts to lose weight or maintain an active lifestyle.

In 5 years since the inception of the Indian Weightloss Blog, we had been planning to start a formal community for all our readers who aim to stay healthy by any means. Thus we started ‘#IWBMovement’ which is a place where we support each other during our weight loss and health struggles, celebrate our weighing scale (and even non-weighing scale) wins, and cheer each other on to become our happiest, positive selves.

We support each other to be ‘Body Positive’ because we believe, each body and mind is different and one diet, one number on the scale can never define our being. Whether we decide to lose weight or stay as we are just happy being active and moving, it is the physical and mental health that has to be positive. 

Use this #IWBMovement to get featured on our socials and inspire others with your journey of self-love and acceptance.

We don’t care if you have lost weight or not what we believe in is your effort and journey to reacquire the best version of yourselves. 

You can help us make this your one-stop community to share your health and fitness-related challenges as well as achievements, safely and optimistically. Let’s do this together with courage, support, and self-acceptance.