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We started Weight Loss challenge last month which got an overwhelming response. If you missed, read it here. My weight has kindaa stalled, so I need a change in my diet.

Most of you know that I am an eggitarian , no non veg for me ! Its difficult for me to pull off LCHF diet like Ana is doing. She has managed to lose a few kgs more. Huh I am so jealous ! Read her posts here.

Finally when Kanan mentioned about vegetarian version of Atkins, I thought – why not give it a try ! Read her Atkins diet plan for veggies here and non veggies here.

I am right now busy with throwing grains out from my kitchen and shopping for the coming week. Hopefully , I should be able to start by Monday or Tuesday. Stay tuned for the updates !

Since its extremely important to check carbs intake for Low Carbs diet, I have once again registered on Yeah, I did before too but was lazy to log any entry in my diary.

This time I am going to log my food and exercise details , the day I start 🙂 ! You can add me as friend, we can motivate each other you see ….  🙂 🙂

Those who wish to start this diet with me, please register by commenting below and adding me as friend on You can search me by my user id – “tarunpreet2014“. Check my profile below so that you don’t add someone else 😉

tarun preet myfitnesspal


If you are not looking to lose weight but only to eat healthy and stay fit, still its a great idea to log your diary. I find myfitnesspal very convenient to use ! You can use any other app as well.

In case we build a team, I will post my recipes and progress here for everyone’s convenience !

So what are you waiting for ! Come, join me for this weight loss challenge ! Together we can !

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  1. I would add you as a friend. Wuld love to get some guidance with eating. My exercise plan is great, am toning but scale is not moving for me so need to check my diary with yours 🙂

    Thanks in advance for the offer

  2. hiiiiii….. gals—- join in all of u I am already there for the last three years. it is going to be fun. Anyone who wishes to join me can search for kannu77. Waiting for u all there– see u. 🙂

  3. Hi tarun and kanan,

    i have added you both on MFP….i know m behind schedule, please accept me both are such a great inspiration.


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