Juicing For Maximum Weight Loss-Does It Work?


Juicing For Maximum Weight Loss-Does It Work?

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Weight loss has no quick fixes, you have to tread through difficult patches. However, you can make the journey easier by making smart choices. One smart choice is juicing! It nourishes the body and at the same time helps you lose weight.

Which Is Better - Fruit or Fruit Juice for weightloss

How does juicing work for you?

You all are aware of the fact that fruits and veggies when juiced have very low calories and no fat. They are also packed with a plethora of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes that make the body function at its peak. The human body spends a lot of time in detoxifying, repairing and protecting the cells.

When we don’t consume nutritious food and are under-nourished, our bodies enter into protection mode and starts storing fat for survival. However, if your body is functioning at its best and is well nourished, it can focus on fat loss. When you drink a glass of fresh juice, you are sending in a health tonic into your belly. The body does not need to exert itself to break down the juice. It gets absorbed by the body and starts working like magic instantly.

apricot-juice Do you suffer from body heat

Here are top juicing tips for you!

Limit juicing fruit and opt for veggies and herbs

Fruit does make your juice taste heavenly and the sugar present in it is way better than white sugar. However, it is still a form of sugar and can cause insulin spikes. If the body doesn’t clear the sugars out, they will get converted to fat and get stored in the body. Keep a watch on the number of carrots used as those little guys can add in a lot of sugar into your juice.

Have fruit juices before or/and after working out

You should drink fruit juice before your workout for energy and also after your workout. When you workout, your body uses up glucose (sugar).

Stop snacking and start juicing

People usually get hungry between meals. So, to keep yourself healthy have a glass of green juice for those hunger pangs before dinner. The juice will help you be full till your next meal and get your brain to think of healthy snacks. You can anyway snack while having your juice! No not on crackers 😛 but on veggies. Chewing on something solid will make your brain, mouth and tummy happy.

Juicing should not bring a dead end to your healthy habits

Regardless of the fact that you have 1 glass of juice or 10, you should remember that you should eat healthy all day long. If you reach for that bowl of sugar bombs for breakfast or burgers and fries for lunch then there is no point in drinking juices for weight loss because it is not going to work!

Have fresh juice before meals or eating out

Juice doesn’t leave you full for long as it gets digested quickly but it can control your hunger to a certain extent and provide you with nutrients.

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Keep varying your veggies

Varying your veggies can work in two ways. You won’t feel bored of the veggies and will get a variety of nutrients.

Add chia seeds, oils and avocado

Adding healthy fats like avocado and fibre are not just good for you but will also keep you full for longer. It is difficult to socialize with people if you are always a hungry monster. So, your juice should fill you up!

Have a balanced diet along with juicing and you will be able to shed off the extra kilos easily.

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