Jump-Rope Workout To Get Slim


Jump-Rope Workout To Get Slim

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Do you remember skipping the rope as a kid? Well, I do! I used to have a gala time with my friends, there used to be the best rope skipper competition too. I never used to win but that is secondary :P. Now don’t ask me why I am mentioning about this all of a sudden. You must be wondering that skipping the rope is such a childish thing. Well, let me tell you that skipping the rope or jumping the rope has a lot of fitness benefits to offer to grown-ups too.

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It is a wonderful cardio exercise that helps in working your core, legs and arms along with strengthening your bones and making you able to balance your body better. To know more about its benefits click here.

Here is a jump rope routine for you. You need to start doing each move by standing with the knees slightly bent. You have to hold the skipping rope at the hip level and your palms should face you. With each jump you do, you need to push off the balls of your feet evenly. The knees need to be kept soft and the upper body should be upright.

Warm up and cool down

Skipping the rope might be a 15 minute affair in total but before you jump into the pavilion it becomes essential for you to warm up, stretch and cool down in a proper manner. Without a proper warm up you will suffer from muscle pulls as your muscles would be cold. Do a short jog or some jumping jacks to get your blood pumping. Try out some dynamic warm-up moves such as walking toe touches and walking lunges.

Choosing the right rope

 skipping rope

For a beginner, it is advisable to go in for a heavy rope. When it is weighty it will make you jump more slowly. As you become an expert at skipping the rope, you can very well skip to a lighter version. It will make you jump faster and will also increase your intensity.

Jump Rope workout

Jump rope move 1: Basic Jump

  • Swing the skipping rope over the head and jump as it passes under your feet.
  • You need not jump too high, just jump high enough to clear the rope.
  • Land on both the feet evenly.
  • Continue this for a minute, then take rest for 1 minute.

Jump rope move 2: Alternate-Foot Jump

  • Swing the skipping rope over the head and jump as it passes your feet.
  • Land on the right foot.
  • On the next swing, land on the left foot. Continue doing this, as if you were running in one place, for 1 minute. Rest for a minute.

Jump rope move 3: Combo Jump

  • For 8 swings of the rope repeat alternate-foot jump.
  • Do 8 basic jumps.
  • Keep doing the alternating pattern for a minute.
  • Take rest for 1 minute and then repeat the sequence once more.

Jump rope move 4: High Step

  • Do alternate-foot jump but with a twist; raise your knee to and angle of 90 degrees while jumping.
  • Continue doing so for a minute.
  • Take rest for 1 minute.

Jump rope move 5: Endurance Jump

  • For 5 minutes do either the basic jumps or the alternate foot jump.
  • You can also jump for a minute and take rest for one minute.
  • Repeat for 5 sets.
  • Complete 600 jumps in total.

Willing to try the jump rope workout to get slim?

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