Junaid Kaliwala – The Journey From Gym To Arnold Classics


The Journey From Gym To Arnold Classics – Junaid Kaliwala

Junaid Kaliwala became the first Indian to represent India at the Arnold Classics in 2014, and has recently managed to bag a Mumbai Shree title in February of 2016 along with a gold medal at the prestigious NPC Metropolitan Men’s Physique competition in New York. But don’t be bedazzled by his fame and achievements, for he has worked day and night to reach where he has now. And that’s what we bring to you- the inside secrets to Junaid Kaliwala’s success.

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The Dog days

Juniad Kaliwala had just one dream- to walk the ramp one day. He knew he needed to build a physic to fulfill his dream and that’s what he did, however he never was a fitness freak, just blessed with a mesomorphic body.
During his days, body building wasn’t considered a sport in India. So to meet his demands, Junaid worked as a floor trainer as well as a sales executive. Of course he faced many hurdles, financial instability and lack of knowledge of the sport, as the two most prominent ones but he always emerged on the other side and thus embarked on a journey of bagging medals all across the globe.
His journey began with becoming the first Indian to win Physique of the Week, an online competition in the UK in August 2013. After that, he won the Sheru Classic Men’s Physique competition in October 2013. In 2014, he became the first athlete to represent India at Arnold Classic. In 2015, he bagged a bronze medal in the Mr Maharashtra and the Mr India championships.
Kaliwala gives credit to all the problems he was faced with, saying that due to lack of interest amongst India, body building was something he had to learn by seeing International athletes but then it was all worth it at the end.

Junaid Kaliwala body building secrets

Workout Routine

Every athlete has a workout routine and it’s no lie for Kaliwala as well, however his isn’t as rigorous as others might assume. He wakes by 7:30 for a 30-40 minute walk and then hits the gym at night at 9:30 for 60-90 minutes workout where he follows the following gym routines-

  • Monday-legs
  • Tuesday- chest and biceps
  • Wednesday- cardio and core
  • Thursday-back
  • Friday- cardio and core
  • Saturday-shoulder and biceps


Just like any other athlete, Junaid’s diet shifts depending on upcoming events, however he doesn’t believe in going on a zero-carbohydrate diet from the day of preparation. Off season he focuses on gaining muscle and ironing out some weaknesses. With a competition in the near future, Junaid tries a diet, examines how his body responds and makes the changes required. However, never does he suggest hard core exercise to prevent a last moment injury.

He follows a strict balanced diet- high protein, moderate carbohydrates and a bit of good day. Starting with a simple breakfast of shake and oats, he works his way around seven to eight meals throughout his day!

Here’s a little sneak peek of daily diet-

Meal1– Iron Whey+ oats and some dry fruits

Meal 2–Eggs

Meal 3–Chicken, curd, and veggies

Meal 4–Chicken and rice (Pre-workout)

Meal 5–Isopure with banana and vitamins (Post-workout)

Meal 6–Chicken and veggies

Meal 7–Casein (a type of protein) and BCAA (Branch Chain Amino Acids)

From Junaid Himself

“Aspiring bodybuilders, like any other sport, this too requires hard work and dedication and the key to success is perseverance. With continuous efforts and a never-say-die attitude, one can build a good physique”

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