How Junk Food Harms Your Health?

Stress and Weight Gain

Find Out How Junk Food Harms Your Health?

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Do you hang out with your friends too often? Hanging out with friends would mean gossip and obviously yummy junk food! The more you hang out with your friends, the more the chances of gobbling down oily junk food. Consuming junk food has become such an important part of socializing these days that unless you don’t get to eat something drenched in oil, you would say that it was not fun hanging out! Good food automatically gets connected to junk food but you should know that it is only ‘good tasting food’ because good food is something that nourishes and energizes you.

We all are guilty of just digging our teeth into a scrumptious burger when hunger strikes, isn’t it? However, intake of junk foods can lead to a lot of ailments. If you happen to neglect them, you will land in trouble.

Here’s How Junk Food Harms Your Health

1) Can cause diabetes

The most prevalent disease of current times is diabetes. It is almost turning into an epidemic as it affects people from all age groups. The chief cause of diabetes is the consumption of junk food. Such foods not only lack fibre but also have a lot of oil content in them which throws your metabolism off track and leads to obesity.

2) Increases the chances of digestive troubles

As junk foods are always full of oil and fats, they are the main culprits in disrupting your digestion. They get deposited on the stomach walls and increase the acid production. This leads to diseases such as IBS and GERD.

3) Leads to kidney diseases

When you are addicted to junk food, it turns out to be a vicious cycle. Most junk foods have processed salts in them that stimulate enzymes and disrupt the body’s balance. This causes hypertension and hampers the functioning of the kidneys.

4) Chances of getting heart diseases are higher

Being rich in trans fat, junk foods increase your blood cholesterol levels. This spike up of cholesterol increases the chances of inflammation in your blood vessels and affects the normal functioning of the heart.

5) Can cause depression

It has been noted that the largest number of junk food eaters are between the ages of 12 and 35. Also, this age-group is prone to lots of hormonal imbalances. Now, when people of this age consume lots of junk food, they inject themselves with an abnormal amount of salts that affect the hormonal levels. This causes mood swings and depression.

6) Learning and memory issues

Junk food is always loaded with sugar and fat and this suppresses the functioning of a major brain peptide. This can lead to an inflammation in the brain’s hippocampus area that takes care of learning and memory formation.

7) Risk of dementia

Insulin is also produced in the brain that carries signals from one nerve cell to another and forms memories. However, the process gets hampered because of an increase in insulin levels in the body due to consumption of junk food. The brain doesn’t respond to hormones and the risk of dementia increases.

Hope you found this on how Junk Food Harms Your Health useful!

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