Kajol’s Diet Plan And Fitness-From Fat To Fab


Kajol’s diet plan and fitness-from fat to fab

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Kajol- who has always ruled people’s hearts has brought about a spectacular transformation to her body. So much that it can give a complex to other actresses! Every woman of her age would yearn to be as fit as her. You would have seen her at awards functions or endorsements. She looks so fit! With a glowing skin and a wonderfully svelte figure, she truly rocks. In spite of being a mother of two young children has managed to get in to perfect shape. In just a span of six months, she lost oodles of weight. How did she do that? Well, let us find out how this diva managed to lose so much weight!

The pic below shows a pregnant Kajol

Kajol weight lossThis is how she looks after losing weight!

Kajol after weight loss

Kajol follows a healthy diet and a strict fitness regime. Her personal fitness trainer is Shereveer Vakil. He has been training Kajol for the past 3 years. According to him, dedication is the key behind Kajol’s fitness. She has been consistently training and had taken a break only after the delivery of her second baby, Yug. Vakil believes in strength training and feels that women have to be as strong as men. Kajol too believes in the same and is in sync with philosophy behind strength training.

Kajol’s workout

Unlike what most people think, Kajol’s workouts are just basic weight lifting and nothing fancy. Each workout of hers is of high intensity and hard. There is a focus on strength training. She works out for 2 hours each day. Even when she has to go for shooting, her trainer lands up at 5:45 am and she is always ready to work out that early also. Vakil says that she lifts more weights than men do! Her favourite workout is the ‘dead lift’ and the squat and she handles 150 pounds or even more. She can do 200 to 300 push ups!!! Amazing, right? The aim is to preserve lean muscle mass.

Kajol’s diet

Kajol’s trainer believes in building endurance by healthy eating. He doesn’t prefer a redued calorie diet or starvation. Kajol eats high quality protein from various sources like chicken, fish, paneer, eggs and nuts. She mostly eats non-vegetarian food. Her diet has fibre, healthy fat, low sugar and no junk food at all. Her diet is changed according to her energy levels, travel plans, shooting schedule and seasonal changes.

The best part is that she does not smoke or consume alcohol. She does not have the habit of late nights. She has never opted for slimming pills or weight loss products of any kind. She has been able to lose 18 kilos without any shortcuts or fad diets. She is very particular with her diet and the amount of water consumed by her.

How determined Kajol is!

Vakil says that Kajol is getting stronger. He says that it is a myth that one should slow down with age. If you are eating right and exercising right you can keep going. Kajol is particular about her workout. She doesn’t allow even her kids Nysa and Yug to disturb her during her workout hours that are between 4 pm and 6 pm. Vakil also says that Kajol never seems to get tired, she can go on for hours. She has tremendous amount of energy. He has to stop her from working out at times :P.

Kajol is pretty happy with the way she looks now. She feels she never looked so good before.

Kajol fat to fit

See! Even fitness trainers of stars go in for the long route to weight loss. They don’t opt shortcuts or follow fad diets. This is what we have always been telling on IWB. It is your workout, diet, exercise and determination that really matter.

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