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iwb karwaChauthKarwa Chauth 2015-Diet Tips For Weight Watchers

Karwa Chauth is a wonderful addition to the Indian festive season. I love the look of the markets full of decorated Thalis, Kalash and whole lot of Suhag symbols. Evenings are great a few days before Karwa Chauth with women and girls sitting on small stools on the pavements engrossed with the Mehandi Walas and Walis, getting intricate designs made on the palms and feet (read half of the bodies) 😛 mehandi on karwa chauth(Picture courtesy Google images)

As a kid I have seen my father celebrating Karwa Chauth in a wonderful way. He used to wake up at 3 am along with us, the kids to prepare “Sargi” for mom. Feni kheer with chopped almonds and grated coconut on top, fruit chat with apples, guava, pomegranate and bananas and a big mug of tea. I used to be amazed at the way my mother used to have that mug of tea as if that was the last cup of tea of her life. Then whole day she used to sleep and rest till the evening when it was a ritual to go for a movie show so that the last phase of this fast went off well (mom had migraine so used to vomit and suffer whole day but was not ready to give up fasting.)

Dinner time again we used to take over the kitchen cooking some Khatti Arhar dal, rice, Kaddu ki sabzi which was a staple every year being mom’s favourite foods. Those were different times but now I see people eating all kind of fried and heavy stuff at night and I am sure they must be waking up bloated in the morning.

The point is how and what should we eat during Karwa Chauth fast so that we don’t blow up out diet that we so strictly follow to lose some weight for Diwali and new year. In this post I am going to give a meal plan that will keep you light yet full whole day and have a good night sleep without any bloating issues next morning.

Let’s start then…

“Sargi”, the early morning meal

feniSargi as you all must be knowing is early morning before sunrise meal which is considered traditionally essential to start the fast. Try to look for Atta Pheni in place of maida ones, which is available in the market. It usually includes ‘Pheni kheer’, parantha, fruits and coconut along with some dry fruits. The basic idea is to stuff your stomach so badly in the morning so that you are not hungry throughout the day. This is the first point where we make a mistake by gorging on paranthas as that makes us thirsty whole day and we know it well that we cannot drink water. Perfect “Sargi” can be this…

A bowl of Pheni Kheer without sugar but an apple chopped or grated fine to make it sweet.

apple pheni kheer

Have one Mung dal Cheela or Dosa with some paneer bhurji. Proteins and essential healthy carbs will keep you full and energetic all through the day. 

Benefits Of Drinking Tender Coconut Water

A glass of coconut water and a piece of fresh coconut as these help you stay hydrated whole day and make you feel less thirsty.

In place of coconut water you can have a glass of Nimbu Pani to add some essential electrolytes.

If you want you can have a bowl of fruit chat also to tingle those taste buds which must be panicking at the thought of not being fed with some delectable tastes during the day. 

fruit chat

End with a cup of tea or coffee with half a spoon of sugar, if you cannot stay without sweet tea. You can use Stevias in place of sugar.


Drink some more water till sunrise. (I remember as a new bride I used to sit outside with a bottle of water so that by the time sun rises, I can drink as much water as possible.) Once the “Sargi” is over and the sun rises then you cannot eat or drink anything. So gals enjoy the day resting, watch movies, listen to music, think about anything but food and water. (most difficult task)

Modified Karwa Chauth

As I said times are changing and with the changing lifestyle many of the women prefer a bit modified version of it. They do it for four hours and then start sipping water. When I was carrying and feeding my children I made changes and kept having water, and milk once or twice during the day.post workout bingeing woman fruitsSome women prefer fruits in between and if you are one of them then have one snack of one apple or a mixed fruit platter in between around 1 pm.

In the modified version please try to stay away from too much of tea or coffee as your digestive system won’t take it very gladly with the long time gaps between meals.


Most of the women are on the brink of tears and headache by the time moon is visible. This is the time to be careful about.


If your dinner thali looks something like this on Karwa Chauth night, then I am sorry to inform you that you have lost the game. This Thali should be shared by three people if you want to stay healthy.

After the pooja just don’t jump on the food and that too heavy fried ones. Provide a layer first to your empty stomach with a glass of fresh juice (avoid packed preserved ones)

Sip on a glass of Nimbu Pani, lassi or coconut water to hydrate yourself if you did the traditional fasting.

Provide yourself with some protein rich food to get that energy kick to get your system back on the track. Enjoy some Paneer (recipe here) or Sprouts cutlet (Recipe here) with a cup of tea.

Avoid eating sweets and fried foods just after the fast and try to keep a balance between healthy and feasting foods like sweets, pakoras, and Tikkis etc.  

Have a wholesome meal by including vegetables like pumpkin, bottleGourd, Brinjal, Lady Finger, dal and yogurt. Have not more than one roti of mixed grain (recipe here) 

For pudding you can have a bowl of curd with finely chopped fruits added. 

To Fast Or Not To Fast

Although it is a very tricky question to ask but if you have any health issues like diabetes, low BP or low Hb, please do not observe any fast and stay hungry for longer periods.

Lactating and pregnant women must avoid the fast especially the traditional way.

Please remember girls, it’s your health and your life that is the first priority. If your health deteriorates due to traditional fasting then you won’t be able to look after your husband, for whom you are staying hungry and thirsty for the whole day. It is love and understanding that matters between couples not expressing love through staying hungry.

How did you like these Karwa Chauth 2015, Diet Tips For Weight Watchers?

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