Keto Diet- How To Balance The Extremes

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Keto Diet

How To Balance The Extremes

Keto diet is one term that everyone knows about all through the world. Well, all of us have heard about this diet but there still remains some confusion.

Keto is a diet that includes low carbs and high fat way of eating with stress on cutting all graind, dairy and fruits. For this reason some call it a fad while some acknowledge its effectiveness.

why keto failsMost of the people find Keto diet the easiest way for extreme weight loss especially during and after festive season, but is Keto actually worth it? Is this diet effective? Is this healthy? Before adopting a keto diet it is highly recommended to consult your doctor.

Is Keto diet all about carbs?

Though there exist different variations in the keto diet, it basically means low intake of carbohydrates along with high intake of fats and proteins. If we talk in numbers, this means that the 70-80% of the calorie requirement of an individual is from the fats and the rest in decided in a ratio between proteins and carbs. When the body starts getting lesser carbs, it goes into a state of ketosis in which fats become the main provider of fuel in the body.

Is keto diet for long term weight loss?

What expert opine on Keto diet?

Keto is considered an easy way for weight loss but the doctors are not of the opinion otherwise. The doctors are more focused on the health perspective rather than blindly following a diet for weight loss. When we follow the keto diet, it involves lessening the intake of whole grains, fruits, and some vegetables which is a red signal from the health perspective. The keto diet reduces the carb intake and thus the body searches for an alternative source of fuel. And as a consequence the body breaks down the fat to keep working. As per a research, keto diet supports starvation, which many argue against. It is generally observed that you shall observe weight loss after following keto diet but it shall not be good for you as you will be missing out on nutrition in general and easily gain back all the weight as soon as you stop following it. So one should be careful while following Keto diet.

How to balance keto diet?

People who are concerned about weight loss and have keto as an option often do not like giving up on the same. Doctors are promoting a healthier lifestyle nowadays rather than just focusing on shedding those extra kgs. They are now using the word ‘eating pattern’ and not the word ‘diet’.

There are many problems associated with what happens after the weight loss as most of the people struggle to keep up with it afterwards.

Experts suggest a few things to balance Keto diet-

  • Reduce the intake of two types of carbohydrates mainly, sugar and starch.
  • Increase high fiber foods to keep up with the calories required.
  • Include lots of green leafy vegetables
  • Seeds and nuts should be included in snacks or added to salads.
  • Adding a few nutrion supplements can be a good option to help fill you up with missing micro nutrients.

Experts though suggest people to try losing weight by targeting whole grains, fruits, vegetables and nuts along with a good physical routine.

Overeating and oversnacking should be completely avoided. Weight loss has both physical and mental benefits. But the top most priority should be eating healthy and not starving.

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