KETO Weight Loss Diet Plan For PCOS


KETO Weight Loss Diet Plan For PCOS

Long back in 2011, when I came to know about Low Carb Diet, I never knew it was also known as KETO DIET. Call me dumb, but the fact remains that in 2013, I realized that I was doing KETO Diet. Today in 2018, things are different. Ketogenic diets have taken over India. Anyone looking for weight loss is going for this way of eating.

Another ‘thing’ that has taken over India is ‘PCOS’, also known as ‘PCOD’. Today’s female generation of India is literally suffering due to this health problem. Reason! Weight gain, junk food, lack of exercise…. yes, that is the truth. Bad eating habits paired with lack of exercise causes aggravation of PCOS. Today KETO DIET is a blessing in controlling PCOS/PCOD. So what should be a simple Keto diet plan to lose weight so that pcos can be cured? Keep reading ahead…. 😀

KETO Weight Loss Diet Plan


Mid morning Snack…..

  • Strawberries or Guava


  • An ideal KETO Lunch for PCOS must consist of green leafy vegetables/a bowl of radish salad with green chutney and fish or chicken.

Evening Snack…..

  • Green tea or black tea or coffee with a handful of nuts.


A big bowl of home made soup. Can be Chicken, Mixed vegetables, Spinach or  any gourd vegetable.


Keep it simple silly should be the thumb rule.

Along with Keto you need to follow an active lifestyle with regular walks, exercise and keep observing the difference in you.

PCOS can be tragic

Although PCOS/PCOD is the most commonly found endocrine disorder for women of all ages but usually it develops during teenage. The tragic thing is that more than 70% of the women don’t even know that they have it. When do they come to know about it! Either when they have a confusing periods cycle or when they get married and are not able to start their family. Isn’t it sad? Today PCOS/PCOD is the number one cause of infertility in women all over the world.

You can surely get saved from this epidemic by just taking care of your lifestyle. You must not ignore the first signs of PCOS and that can be as simple as an extended monthly period cycle.

Keto can save misery

Keto diet can literally save you from miseries in life, if you make it a lifestyle. Whether or not you have PCOS, it can be a great health booster. In this way of eating there is a restriction for higher carb foods like dairy, legumes, grains and most of the fruits so it helps in controlling insulin resistance also.

If you have any questions for Keto Diet for PCOS, please do write to us.

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