Kettle bells are the latest rage!


Kettle bells are the latest rage!

Most of the gymnasiums I hear of in India have various methods to help anyone stay fit and strong. One such concept that has taken the sub-continent by storm is the use of Kettlebells – very practical and accessible for everyone.

I have noticed the most fit to the newbie’s joining the gyms, everyone wants to try their hands at the kettlebell, and why not? Here are a few reasons why the humble kettlebell brings in the desired results you look for.

Kettle bells benefits


  1. You do not wish to run like a hamster on the treadmill, cardio workouts on a serious note can be done with a touch of joy – kettlebells.
  2. Strength training without monotony setting in – kettlebells.
  3. No long and over-stretched poses anymore – kettlebells
  4. Varied and full of fun to do – kettlebells
  5. Portable and compact – kettlebells
  6. For any body shape, size and for any age group, kettlebells are safe to use
  7. Are you a busy person – kettlebells need less of your time.
  8. Want to lose weight and shed the fat – kettlebells
  9. Hate touching barbells and dumbbells – kettlebells
  10. Make your muscles from top to toe strong – kettlebells
  11. Want a lean look and not a beefy body – kettlebells
  12. Enjoy while training – kettlebells
  13. Cost –effective ; try kettlebells
  14. Want to do it privately
  15. Helps build motor-skills and movements
  16. Helps develop core strength
  17. Unifies the body
  18. Coordinates the body and the muscles
  19. Helps with concentration and focus
  20. Work out anywhere and simplify life
  21. Beats the pain and drives it away
  22. Bye-bye frozen shoulders
  23. Hello sexy posture and stance
  24. Stronger joints and muscles
  25. Makes the body ‘shock absorbent’
  26. Endurance training
  27. Goodbye imbalances in the body
  28. Helps with geriatric and other needs
  29. Helps save expensive gymnasium money

Here are my 30 observations, which I found as testimonials from across the nation – family, friends and colleagues, people who have used kettlebells.

kettlebell benefits workout

Let’s face facts

We are all ‘busy bees’, aren’t we? And everyone wants the biggest BANG-BANG look a la Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif (rolls eyes) – but who has the time to hit the gym! Well, Kettlebells can be the answer – a solution for your cardiovascular needs, flexibility, strength training and for those who want to stay fit when 24 hours a day seems to be at their work desks.

Kettlebell training has a very intensive nature, and the duration for the same has to be SHORT. Since Kettlebells are portable and small, you can workout in your own privacy and without anyone knowing about it too *wink*

But, before you plan to invest in Kettlebells, I would seriously ask you to check with your doctor if your body is fit for the intensive training – your doctor would know best if you can carry out any physical exercises with Kettlebells or not.

So what’s your excuse now? Kettlebells are the rage, and you’d find them being used extensively. Go right ahead and make your move darlings, I want to see you all fit and fine (not skinny or bulky).

One last point to mention here – women especially, working out with Kettlebells, wouldn’t make you BULKY. And the menfolk out there – seriously, get a grip, Kettlebells aren’t for body-building either.

Kettle bells are the latest rage! Are you ready?

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