Khoob Khao Whole Grain Soya Cracker – Review


Khoob Khao Whole Grain Soya Cracker Review

khoob khao healthy snackHey Guys!

The other day I went grocery shopping and bought home some goodies as well as some healthy munchies! Shopping is so therapeutic for me and now a day’s buying something healthy over crème biscuits and chips is a chip on the shoulder moment. Like I read somewhere, “You are as healthy as your shopping cart”.

So, today am going to review whole grain soya cracker. This one belongs to Good Foods Agro brand. There are 4 cracker varieties available in the market:

  • Khoob Khao –  Whole Grains Spicy Cracker
  • Khoob Khao –  Whole Grains Soya Cracker Sour Cream
  • Khoob Khao –  Seven Whole Grain Cracker Cheese Nachos
  • Khoob Khao –   Whole Wheat Cracker Achari Mango

As yummy as they sound, I brought home Khoob Khao – Whole Grains Soya Cracker Sour Cream flavor. These are basically lightly flavored diskettes of soya as you can make out by the picture on the packet.

Let’s dissect this baby!

The ingredients that go into making this are:

White Rice (54%), Brown Rice (20%), Defatted Soya Flour (8%), Red Rice (6%), Green Split Gram (4%), Tapioca, Black Pepper, Milk Solids (Natural Flavoring), Edible Oil, Salt & Spices. Contains Added flavours Natural & Nature (Identical) Product of India.

(Natural & Nature (Identical) Product of India is a company that manufactures flavours)

With that observation, one should call it a rice cracker and not a soya cracker! So basically this is a carb rich snack. And the name soya cracker is just window dressing the product. (yes, am a commerce student J)

khoob khao health munchLet’s get on to the nutritional facts:

Serving Size about 25g
Amount      25 g
Energy      98 kcal
Total Fat     1.3 g
Saturated Fat     0.2 g
Trans Fat     0.0 g
Cholesterol     0.0 g
Total Carbohydrate   18.4 g
Dietary Fatty     1.4 g
Protein     3.1 g

This packet is around 100 grams so an ideal serving of 25g gives you a decent amount of calorie breakup. It also kept my hunger at bay for a good 2 hours.

healthy snacksIs it worth buying for weight watchers?

All in all, this is a good product to munch on, but don’t go for it with high hopes. It is carb rich and the name soya is a bit deceiving.

Would I purchase the product again?

Yes I would, but this time the cheese flavor. I love to munch so this would be healthy than my chips packet! Also its not that bad for Rs 49/- for 100g.

These are available in shopping malls and online stores like

Till then Keep on munching the healthy way!

This is Pooja, Ciao!

Editor’s Note: If you are following a low carb way of eating then it’s not going to be your call. For low calorie followers, may be yes a good snack to munch.

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