Why Your Kids Must Have Indian Meals?


Find out why your kids must have Indian meals?

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There is nothing like a home-cooked meal in this world that has fresh ingredients and is made with love. There is a lot of nutrition and yet a lot of simplicity in our dal-chawal and roti-sabzi. A lot of people these days are trying to adapt western diets but they can’t forget the charm of Indian cuisine.

Why Your Kids Must Have Indian Meals?

Well-balanced and rich in essential nutrients, Indian meals are the best for your child. A child’s diet needs to have proteins, carbs and all the essential vitamins and minerals along with fibre. The Indian diet is the best choice for your kid and let’s find out why in detail,

1) It is a balanced meal

As already mentioned, the Indian meal is well-balanced as it contains cereals, pulses and vegetables that are both cooked and uncooked. In a meal, you have wheat, rice, ragi, bajra and makai in the cereals category, cooked vegetables and uncooked vegetables as salad, next come pulses and legumes (dal), curd and the final crowning glory that every kid waits to have – dessert! It can be as basic as a piece of gur or jaggery, one gulab jamun, a rasogulla or some halwa.

Upon carefully analyzing a meal, it has foods from all the food groups and abides by the food pyramid.

2) It is rich in carbs and fibre

Being rich in complex carbs, Indian meals help in keeping energy levels high for a long period of time. Whole wheat flour, ragi, dalia (porridge), vegetables and sprouts are a part of Indian food and are rich in micronutrients that are much needed for the growth of a child. With lots of veggies and fruits, the fibre content of our food is also high when compared to western cuisines where you will find the use of refined flour for foods like bread, pasta and noodles. Your child may be a fan of such foods but try to make him have Indian food every single day.

3) Contains a lot of good fats

We use a lot of good fats in our food. There is a generous use of mustard oil, til oil, coconut oil and last but not the least – ghee! These oils and fats are used in making a lot of dishes and sweets. Making ladoos out of whole cereals, dried fruits, seeds and nuts are a great snack for kids. They are a great way of replacing the trans-fat loaded cookies.

4) Fresh ingredients are used

The Indian habit of making every dish from scratch is very healthy as there is less use of preservatives which makes food healthy. We always use fresh ingredients in dishes and this means that the loss of vitamins and minerals is less in Indian food.

5) It is easy to digest

Daily Indian food has spices such as cinnamon,jeera (cumin seeds), saunf (fennel seeds), turmeric, ginger, garlic and curry leaves that have medicinal properties that help in improving digestion. There are also fermented foods like raita, curd and buttermilk in the daily diet. Down south you have fermented foods in the form of idli and dosa. This makes Indian food easy to digest and therefore ideal for your child.

Hope now you know why your kids must have Indian meals!

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