Kitchen Tools That Help You Lose Weight


Kitchen Tools That Help You Lose Weight

For a very long time I had been wanting to write about some of the kitchen tools, essential to lose weight. Well, I don’t know if all these things really matter when you are on a serious weight loss journey but can surely claim one thing that these kitchen tools and appliances do help you a lot, especially when you are creating your own innovative recipes 🙂  When I started my weight loss journey I felt the need of a few things on the way and this post is all about those tools.

Kitchen Tools That Help You Lose Weight

Let me begin with the ‘present in every kitchen’ humble tools like:

Vegetable Peeler

kitchen tools peeler 1kitchen tools peeler

I use it to slice Paneer, cheese into thin slices or turn my home made low carb chocolate into curls. I still love to make ultra thin slices of cucumber or pumpkin and eat raw with Home made Eggless Mayonnaise on Tuesdays (No egg day). It helps me in cutting calories as well as carbs. 


kitchen tools grater

Perfect to grate cheese, paneer, and other such things when you are hungry and can’t wait to make any thing elaborate. I grate radish for the basic salad which is called “Mooli Kanda” in Himachal Pradesh. Now you must be wondering about this salad. So let me share the recipe with you.

‘Himachali Mooli Kanda’

  • Grate red and white radishes.
  • Squeeze out water.
  • Add salt, lots of finely chopped green chillies and corriander leaves.
  • Sprinkle red kashmiri chilli powder and lots and lots of lime juice.
  • Mix well so that red chilly powder merges well. Easy !!!

This simple tangy salad goes well with any kind of tandoori dish. I love it as a bed for my shallow fried fish. 🙂

Small Plates

kitchen tools small plate

Third in the list of always available tools are small plates. In place  of full dinner plates start serving food to yourself in side plates. You will be amazed to see how the quantity reduces. Actually I used to be scared of eating from a full plate as I knew I was serving myself more than required specially when I used to be hungry. This tool is very helpful in controlling portions when you are new to consuming reduced quantity of food.

 Food processor / Mixer Grinder

kitchen tools processor

Now this is easily available in every kitchen now a days. I use food processor to quickly grate cauliflower for mashed cauliflower and my cauliflower rice. Not even that but to satiate my sweet tooth it came handy as I could prepare my cauliflower cake batter ready in a jiffy.

Grinder is of utmost important to grind my roasted methi and flax seeds for that daily spoonful of ‘fiber fix’. What! Did some one ask me what it is??? Alright….here is my secret out for you all wonderful people. 🙂

‘Daily Fiber Fix’

  • Dry roast five tbsp each of Methi and Flax seeds.
  • Let it cool and then grind well in dry grinder.
  • Mix well and store in an air tight container.

Early in the morning have a tsp of this mix with luke warm water and find your tummy happy with all kinds of bloating gone. 🙂

Now these were the kitchen tools which I already had in my kitchen but there were three things which I bought for myself as a reward after every 10 kgs lost. …  🙂

Kitchen Scale

atkins vegetarian diet weight loss

My first ten kilos lost (from 98 to 88 kg) saw me buying a kitchen scale to control portions. I very sincerely weighed each and every ingredient to keep an eye over what and how much I was eating at one time. A must keep for the weight watchers in the initial stages.

Silicon Muffin Moulds

kitchen tools muffin moulds

Second 10 kg loss (88 to 78 kg) and I rewarded myself with a silicon muffin mould which had 6 cups. And Oh buoy!! This was just too awesome a buy as from my cauliflower chocolate cakes to egg veggie bake I could bake it all within seconds in microwave.

Non Stick Grill Pan

kitchen tools grill pan

Actually I should have bought this long back as I loved the look of grilled fish, chicken and veggies with those lovely golden brown streaks… Ummm!!!   .. I love it. 🙂 Best use of this tool is when I am eating low calorie food by cutting on fats. This pan and the next one that I am going to mention came in my life when I reached 68 kg mark. 🙂

Idli Maker

kitchen tools idli maker

Okay Idli Maker is something which is seen in every house hold these days. I had an old one which I wanted to discard so decided finally to buy a new one. Not that I wanted to make idlis (I eat low carb) but used it to steam my veggies. My kids wanted me to gift myself a veggie steamer but I decided in favor of Idli Maker… make idlis for the family and steam veggies for myself… (Uff !!! Mommy, your love for frugal living is killing …) kiddies often say that. Do I mind?? No, I love this frugal way of thinking. That’s me and I love myself. 🙂

Would you like to add some more kitchen tools that help you lose weight?

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