Know About Restorative Yoga


Know About Restorative Yoga

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Yoga is part of people’s lifestyle today. With the piling up of daily stress it becomes extremely essential to search for ways to beat it. There is nothing better than yoga. There are so many forms of yoga practiced all over the world and it may be a little difficult to choose one from them as they all are simply wonderful.

This post aims at discussing restorative yoga. It is a form of yoga that helps in achieving physical, mental and emotional relaxation with the help of certain props. Using props makes it easy for you to maintain balance while relaxing and stimulating the body. Some of the restorative yoga poses benefit the entire body but there are other poses that target specific parts like the heart or lungs.

Restorative Yoga

How did restorative yoga come into being?

Restorative yoga has been derived from the yoga style invented by B.K.S Iyengar. He has been regarded as one amongst the greatest yoga masters all over the world. He instructed his students to take help of props to perfect their poses that was the foundation of restorative yoga. One of his students Judith Lasater, started the restorative form of yoga and made it famous worldwide.

What are the benefits offered by restorative yoga?

This form of yoga heals the body and mind. Fatigue and stress that have become permanent parts of our lives can be alleviated with the help of restorative yoga. It is effective in helping you recover from an illness or injury. It also helps in overcoming anxiety and emotional depression that are caused due to various traumatic events.

de-stress-and weight loss

The parasympathetic nervous system can be activated by practicing restorative yoga. The parasympathetic nervous system enables automatic control of the body. When the parasympathetic nervous system is activated the regular nervous system will be at rest and the body’s muscles will be more relaxed. By constantly practicing restorative yoga, the body will be less likely to be affected by stress related illnesses. It will also help one in achieving optimal health.

Restorative yoga poses

shoulder stand in restorative yoga

Most of the yoga poses of this style are similar to the normal yoga poses. The only thing that is different here is that the poses are performed with the help of props. Before starting you should do a warm-up which can be Suryanamaskar or vinyasa. You have to hold each pose for a few minutes, it can be as long as 10 to 15 minutes. While practicing the yoga poses, your instructor may ask you to cover yourself with a blanket to make you feel more comfortable.

Props used in restorative yoga

While performing restorative yoga, you will require a lot of props that will include blankets, pillows, chairs, bolsters and blocks etc to help you achieve perfect poses. The chief purpose of using props is to support the body when you stretch or relax. You should make sure whether the props you are using are of the right size or not. Even if it is larger or smaller by an inch, it can make you feel uncomfortable and you might lose concentration while performing a pose.

When you happen to practice this form of yoga, you might feel a sense of shapelessness and motionlessness. This can cause you emotional discomfort. The poses of restorative yoga can make you feel helpless when you practice them but you can set this right by either placing your feet on the wall or putting on an eye pillow.

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