Kombucha Tea – 7 Amazing Health Benefits!


7 Amazing Health Benefits of Kombucha Tea

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Have you heard about the kombucha tea? Well, it is a fermented tea that has been around for thousands of years. It is said to have been originated in China or Japan. It offers the health benefits of tea along with being a rich probiotic.

Kombucha tea health benefits

Kombucha has antioxidants in it. The tea can kill harmful bacteria and helps in fighting many diseases. Hop on to have a look at the top health benefits of kombucha.

1) It is a rich source of probiotics

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Kombucha is made by adding certain bacterial strains, yeast and sugar to green tea or black tea which is then allowed to ferment for a week.

During the fermentation a large amount of probiotic bacteria gets produced in the tea. You must be well aware of the benefits of consuming probiotic bacteria. They help in digestion, inflammation and even aid weight loss. Adding probiotic foods to your diet is a great idea to improve health.

2) It contains the health benefits of green tea

Green tea is said to be one of the healthiest beverages on Earth. This is because green tea has several bioactive compounds such as polyphenols that function as powerful antioxidants. Kombucha that is made from green tea has the same chemical properties and benefits as that of green tea.

According to studies, those who drink green tea regularly can reduce belly fat, burn more number of calories, improve cholesterol levels and keep blood sugar in check. Green tea reduces the risk of certain cancers too.

3) Kombucha tea has antioxidants

Free radicals are molecules that damage the cells. Antioxidants are substances that combat free radicals and prevent the damage. Getting antioxidants from foods are much better for your health than consuming antioxidant supplements.

Kombucha that is made with green tea is known to have powerful antioxidant effects. It has shown promising results on liver toxicity in research done on rats.

4) It can kill bacteria

During the fermentation of kombucha, one of the main substances produced is vinegar. Vinegar has the potential to kill harmful microbes that cause infection.

5) It reduces the risk of heart disease

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Studies on rats have revealed that kombucha can improve LDL and HDL cholesterol levels in a matter of 30 days. Moreover, drinking green tea prevents heart disease.

6) It helps in managing type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is a major health concern worldwide. A study on rats found that kombucha has the ability to slow down the digestion of carbs and reduce blood sugar.

7) It protects against cancer

Cancer is the leading cause of death worldwide. Kombucha is known to prevent the growth of cancerous cells as it has high amounts of polyphenols and antioxidants.

How it works is not well known but most tea drinkers don’t seem to develop certain types of cancer.

Kombucha is healthy when it is prepared right

Kombucha can be purchased from the store or if it is not available you can make it at home. However, you need to be very careful while preparing it. Over-fermented and contaminated kombucha can result in a lot of serious health issues and even death. So, be careful! Best is to depend on the commercially made one.

Hope you found this post on the benefits of kombucha tea helpful!

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