Kosher diet and Yoga



Kosher diet and Yoga

Hi beautiful people,

With holiday season right there, I am sure you don’t want to talk and thing about diet etc. But I have a really nice kind of a lifestyle to share with you. Kosher lifestyle is followed by the Jews. I will tell you what it is all about and how you can benefit from it.

Kosher foods are a bit complicated, raw, infested food items are to be avoided, meals are to be cooked separately, like eating lamb is permissible but pork is not allowed.

kosher diet

Kosher diet is prescribed by the Jewish Law. Milk and milk products are also not to be consumed. But surprisingly yogurt is allowed.  This is a very traditional kind of a diet and it has positive benefits in the long run. The whole idea of kosher is to gain self-control, after all every morsel which goes into our body is linked directly to our appearance and health. Kosher also prescribes certain food combination which are not allowed, like milk and meat are considered disastrous (say goodbye to cheeseburgers).

Like in Hindus we do not eat halal meat, similarly in Jews the way an animal is slaughtered does matter and it may a problem finding kosher meat. Like Muslims follow Roza, Hindus follow Navratri and various other fasts, Jews follow a Kosher day, which simply means consuming only Kosher foods and avoiding technology in any kind. In this modern world, we are so addicted to our iPods, phones, laptops that they have taken over us, thus it is important to give our brains also a much deserving break. I recently heard a joke, in earlier times, people would get up from the bed and head to the loo, now, they get up and get into Facebook 😛

Anyhow, let me get on to some quick benefits of Kosher diet:

1. Yoga with Jewish bend:

Koshe diet yoga

In my last post we saw how yogis recommend a satvik diet, similarly in Jews kosher diet plays an important role. It helps in building up a better immune system and a strong body which cannot be achieved if you survive on junk food or foods which are tamasic or non-kosher in nature. Simply put, chose what is easy for you and stick to your genes.

2. Give a break to your mind:

kosher diet Digital-DetoxRightly worded as digital detox, caught my attention was that in Kosher lifestyle you avoid technology in total, you give your eyes, brain a much-needed break. We stick to our phone more than we should be engaging in real person conversations, our minds are constantly guided to open facebook pages and check what is happening in other people’s lives. Recently Tarun pointed this out in her very well-worded post (Read here)Do I need to say more?

3. Long life with healthy heart:

kosher diet foodsKosher diet prescribed certain food combinations to be avoided, these food combinations are simple which are told to us by our mothers or grand mothers. The diet is not to starve yourself, but simple not to consume non-kosher foods. These foods are therapeutic in nature.

I may not be the right person to guide you on a Kosher diet, but with my limited knowledge I am just pointing out some subtle similarities. And if anyone has seen PK, we do not come with a label and our religions teach us the same things, just that they may be named differently. What a brilliant movie, what do you think?

till then,

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