Kundalini Yoga – What You Need To Know About It?

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Kundalini Yoga – What Is It?

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Yoga is the ancient wisdom of our land that has become a modern fitness trend in the last few decades. There are so many forms of yoga. Have you heard about Kundalini Yoga? If not, then this post is for you! Catch a glimpse of this form of yoga! Read along!

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You don’t need flexibility and experience to enjoy it. Kundalini Yoga is meant for everyone! It has so many meditations, breaths and exercises that will change things for you in a very short span of time.

It makes you feel happy

Yes, Kundalini Yoga makes you feel happy. At the end of the day, humans are wired to be happy. With Kundalini you can uncover your innate wisdom, contentment and innocence. You can get some natural oxytocin by practicing this kind of yoga. It is like getting high without getting drunk.

Just 3 minutes of practice can change things

Kundalini Yoga is basic and at the same time immensely powerful. These days life is running at a maddening speed and we just don’t have the time to take things slowly. However, with Kundalini Yoga, a yoga set or meditation set as short as 3 mins can completely change your life.

Kundalini is beyond burning calories

True fitness is a complete workout for your mental, physical and emotional being. Your physical body is a mere one-tenth of your embodied experience. In many spiritual systems, you will see it broken down into 3 planes of experience namely, mind-body-spirit. Sophisticated yogis have identified 10 bodies of embodied experience!

What makes Kundalini yoga different from other yoga forms is that each and every yoga set and technique amplifies all the 10 bodies simultaneously. So, if you are plainly working out, you will tone up only your physical body which is just 1/10th of your whole being.

Raise your vibration with Kundalini

When you practice this yoga form, you send a signal, a command to the universe stating that ‘I am ready’. Ready for more; ready for things that fit better with my current state of consciousness and being-ness.

As it is not a new concept that everything works on resonance and frequency, you start generating a heightened internal and external vibrational experience.

Yoga has been well researched for 5000 years

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Sages, Yogis and meditators have recognized, experimented and proved the potential and strength of the human system for 1000s of years. The techniques are tried and true and for the last 5000 years have been heavily practiced and proven to alter brain waves, thought patterns, chemistry and physical vitality.

In this era the demand of Kundalini yoga is more because most of us are off-track in the journey of our daily lives. People from all walks of life with different religious backgrounds are seeking the help of age-old techniques.

Kundalini yoga lets you relax, rejuvenate and renew yourself. This way you will be able to participate elegantly in the most mundane moments of life too.

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