Lara Dutta’s Fitness and Beauty Secrets


Lara Dutta’s Fitness and Beauty Secrets

Lara Dutta Bhupathi is a beautiful model, actress and a former Miss universe 2000. This 35 year old actress has done choosy roles (in cinemas) which are best remembered.

Lara dutta hot fitness weightloss

Especially I loved her acting in the movie called ‘David’..i dont know, how many of you know this movie (david) where she is a friend of the lead actor ‘Jiiva’. She was so lovely and graceful.

Lara dutta got married to the sports icon Mahesh Bhupathi. Now she is a mother of a baby girl. During her pregnancy, she had made many public appearances and she did look “plumpy with those baby bumps”. After her delivery, she made a stunning come back and made many jaw drop.

lara dutta fitness secrets

So, this lovely mom has secret fitness and beauty routine.

Lara Dutta’s Fitness and Beauty Secrets

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Lara Dutta’s Food Routine

  • Lara is a vegetarian and her food routine always includes proteins.
  • Her protein diet is made of egg, pulses and lentils.
  • Lara avoids soya in her food.
  • Her breakfast is customized with raw fruits, milk, unprocessed food and omelet.
  • A bowl of fruit salad and a bowl of vegetable salad with 2 rotis are her Lunch
  • Dinner is lighter meal of the day.
  • She says ‘Big No’ to caffeine. (Interesting..Lara !!
  • She has 6 small meals a day.
  • She consumes lot of water.

Lara Dutta’s Fitness Routine

Lara has a celebrity trainer for her workout plans and suggestions.

Lara works out 5 days a week.

As we all know, she is a yoga girl. She says, yoga is the best thing happened to her and as it provides holistic wellness.

Lara meditates 30 minutes a day, for 9 years now.. So that’s the secret of her glowing skin !!

During pregnancy: Lara did not stop exercising even during her pregnancy but she modified her workouts to suit different stages of her pregnancy. she did regular morning and evening walks along with prenatal yoga.

After pregnancy: she managed to resume her workout routine in three months. According to her, practicing yoga during her pregnancy helped her in a quick recovery post delivery. She got back to doing moderate amounts of workouts after eight weeks post the delivery and resumed her regular exercise regimen after three months.

lara dutta fitness regime

ñ Her workout routine has 30 minutes of cardio, 20 minutes of strength training, 30 minutes of yoga.

Lara Dutta's Fitness Secrets

Lara’s Fitness DVD:

Lara launched her own fitness DVD called H.E.A.L which stands for health, exercise and longevity. She has launched 3 DVD’s so far.

“Yoga – Recovery & Rejuvenation ” is a DVD that portrays the various asanas or postures that exist and explains how asanas can uplift your life and make you attain a blissful and healthy life.

Power Play‘ is a blend of strength and cardio intervals makes this a fun yet powerful work-out for the entire body. Starting with dynamic warm up that gently prepares you for the work-out. It highlights the values of core conditioning, functional strength, and fast paced cardio intervals. Bringing play back into your work-outs, can be exhilarating work. Push your limits, as Lara sets a brisk pace to bring you total health. A work-out designed for all ages with large doses of fun and play

Lara Dutta's Fitness Secrets powerplay

With inputs from her long-time yoga instructor Tonia Clarke who is a certified Prenatal yoga teacher, Lara demonstrates various asanas to have a smooth pregnancy in the Prenatal yoga DVD. These include –

  1. Utkatasana,
  2. Veerabhadrasana
  3. Vrikshasana
  4. Camel pose
  5. Sarvangasana
  6. Pranayam

So ‘to-be mommies’ try out this yoga DVD, with the consultation of your gynaecologist.