7 Ways To Stop Late Night Eating


Ways To Stop Late Night Eating

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Do you sneak into the kitchen post mid-night to gobble up some delicious stuff? Many people do this even when they are not hungry. This night-time eating expedition can add on to your calorie count and result in weight gain.

Ways To Stop Late Night Eating

Here are ways to stop eating late in the night

1) Find out the cause

First of all you have to find out the cause of the problem. You may be indulging in night-time eating as a result of overly restricted food intake during the day. This is probably the cause of the ravenous hunger at night. It can also be caused by boredom. Eating disorders like binge eating disorder and night eating disorder can be the reason behind night-time eating.

In both the food disorders, people use food to curb emotions such as sadness, frustration or anger. Binge eaters eat a huge amount of food in one go and are out of control while doing so.

People with night time eating syndrome eat more during the evening and get u at night to eat this way they consuming more 25% of their daily calories during the night.

Both conditions lead to obesity, depression and sleeping trouble.

So, monitor your behaviour patterns and find out what makes you eat at night. This will help you break the cycle of emotional eating.

2) Follow a routine

If this night-time eating is happening because of not eating enough during the day, then you have to get yourself into a routine. Structure your eating and sleeping times in order to spread your food intake all over the day. This will make you less hungry during the night. Good sleep is essential for managing weight and food intake.

Make a meal plan so that the chances of impulsive eating and making unhealthy food choices reduce.

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3) Get emotional support

If you think you have night-time eating syndrome or binge eating disorder then it would be better to seek professional help. Create an emotional support network to manage negative emotions.

4) Fight stress

Anxiety and stress are 2 reasons why people eat when they are not hungry. If you find yourself eating when anxious or stressed out, you better find a way to relax and let go of emotions. Relaxation techniques can be meditation, breathing exercises, hot baths, yoga, gentle exercise and stretching.

5) Eat regularly during the day

Eating your meals at planned intervals throughout the day can keep your blood sugar stable. Also, you won’t have ravenous hunger, tiredness or irritability. This will curb cravings and impulses to overeat.

6) Add protein to your food

If you eat at night due to hunger, try to include protein at each meal of yours and that will curb your hunger. You will also be satisfied all round the day. In one study, eating high protein meals reduced food cravings by 60% and curbed the desire to eat at night by half.

7) Don’t stock up junk food at home


If you have the habit of eating high fat, high sugar junk food at night, it would be better to remove it from your home. Instead fill your kitchen with healthy food. At least then you won’t snack on junk!

Do try the above methods to avoid late night eating!

Hope you liked this post on ways to stop late night eating!

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