80/20 Diet Rule – Latest Dieting Trend!


Latest Dieting Trend – 80/20 Diet Rule

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The truth is that all of us love eating junk food but at the same time want to be fit and healthy. Sounds contradictory, doesn’t it? This makes most of us choose restrictive diets and intense workouts in order to transform our bodies.

However, the restrictive diets don’t work well most often. This is not because the diets are ineffective but because they aren’t sustainable. And as soon as you stop the diet, you start packing on pounds faster.

80-20 diet rule, Latest Dieting Trend

What is the 80/20 Diet Rule?

How would you feel when you are introduced to a diet that accepts your love for tasty food that is mostly junk and fattening? It does sound very exciting and liberating. This is exactly what the latest dieting trend 80/20 diet rule promises and this is the reason why this particular diet is trending all across the globe including India.

The 80/20 diet is not a strict diet. It does not tell you what should be eaten and when it should be eaten. It instead offers you a lot of personal freedom and encourages you to be responsible and moderate with your food approach.

Akin to its name, the diet’s basic principle is that you should eat healthy 80% of the time and for the remaining 20% of the time you can indulge in tasty treats and cheat meals. The diet may seem unclear about what healthy and unhealthy foods are. However, according to common sense and nutrition science, fresh fruits, veggies, pulses, nuts, lean meat and seafood fall in the healthy category and processed, deep fried and sugar rich foods fall in the unhealthy category.

When you follow this diet, just ensure that you don’t exceed the 20% threshold when it comes to eating junk food! That is the main part of the diet. You simply need to calculate and figure out the number of meals and snacks you can have in a day or in a week with unhealthy stuff.

If you have 5 small meals in a day, 4 of them need to be in absolutely healthy range but the fifth one can be whatever you like. It is similar to what ‘cheat meals’ are in a rigid diet.

The idea is that when you get to indulge in junk food occasionally, your cravings do not grow too strong such that it sabotages your healthy eating efforts. It is a rather psychological approach.

Does this diet work?

The 20% binge that you get to enjoy in this diet is more than what you can get from a cheat meal. Apart from a psychological boost, there is a physiological benefit too from this diet philosophy.

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Dieting for a longer time period for weight loss or management of weight causes some form or the other of caloric deficit that causes a drop in energy levels. With cheat meals being evenly spaced, there is an influx of calories that helps in maintaining energy levels that are important for your diet and workout.

According to a recently published study, weekend weight gain due to cheat meals is normal and can help people in achieving their long term weight loss goals.

Downside of 80/20 diet rule

The only downside of this diet is that it is quite unclear. However, it can also be viewed as its strength as it gives flexibility to the dieters.

If you are serious about getting healthy, you can make healthy eating a habit and get rid of junk food from your diet.

Hope this glimpse of this Latest Dieting Trend 80/20 diet rule was helpful!

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