Latest Ebola News-6 Shocking Myths Debunked


Latest Ebola News-6 Shocking Myths Debunked


The WHO has officially declared Ebola an international emergency. Ebola has sent out waves of fear and panic throughout the globe. Though the outbreak started in Africa, it is moving to other parts of the world too. This has created chaos and a lot of misinformation is being spread all around us. It is essential for people to know the facts so that they can take necessary precautions.

Myth Busted

There are a few common myths that need to be debunked. Find the myths and the truth about Ebola virus below:

Myth 1: Ebola does not exist

(I don’t know how this myth managed to surface!! )

Truth: Ebola exists and it is a virus that causes it.

The Ebola virus has spread to humans from animals. It is contagious even if the person shows no symptoms. It is known to be fatal 90% of the cases. It is spreading rapidly in Africa mostly because don’t have sufficient knowledge about the virus and they don’t take the necessary precautions.

Myth 2: Ebola can be cured

Truth: There is no FDA approved drug available in the market that can cure the disease.

So far, the Ebola virus disease does not have a cure. There are a few waves of happiness with ZMapp that is being used and that has cured two American doctors. However, the drug is an experimental one and is in the testing stages. It has not received a green signal from FDA. So, no approved drug is available for the disease. ZMapp is actually a mixture of antibodies that inactivates the Ebola virus. It is helping people recover but it has not yet been passed by FDA.

Ebola virus causes symptoms treatment

Myth 3: Ebola spreads only through blood. Having safe sex can prevent one from getting infected.

Truth: Ebola spreads through all bodily fluids of an infected person. That includes blood, sweat, saliva and any other body discharge. Sexual contact or any kind of contact will spread the virus.

The virus affects a person’s immune system and it multiplies with great speed. This makes it spread throughout the body of the person infected. The infection can become so severe that there can be 1000 viral cells in just a drop of body fluid. Sexual contact with an infected person will spread the disease even if a condom is used.

Myth 4: Ebola can be cured by fasting.

Truth: No way!! Fasting will complicate matters. There are studies that say that fasting helps in boosting one’s immunity. But going on a fast for a long time period can be harmful. It can make a person weaker and more vulnerable to the disease.

Myth 5: Only Africans will get affected with Ebola virus

Truth: The virus can affect anyone, whatever their race maybe.

Yes, it is true that Ebola virus has affected African people first. However, this does not mean that it won’t affect others. The virus has spread to other countries like the US and Myanmar. The WHO has declared the disease as an international emergency. It is equally deadly for all human beings.

Myth 6: Having a healthy immune system will protect you from Ebola

Truth: Ebola virus is so powerful that it can infect persons with even the strongest immune system. The virus is known use the person’s immune system to spread. The health of the immune system of a person cannot prevent the virus from affecting him/her.

Take precautions and protect yourself from the Ebola virus!

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