Laughter Yoga To Bust Stress


Try Laughter Yoga To Bust Stress

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‘Yoga’- the word makes you think about an environment where there is pin-drop silence and people are lost in themselves while twisting and turning in oh-so-perfect postures. How about a yoga class where you will burst into laughter? Yes, that is what you do in laughter yoga!  It may sound strange but laughter yoga has a number of health benefits to offer and the main one is busting stress. It can keep you toned and fit just like traditional yoga; it is just that the approach is different. Read on and I am sure you will be tempted to join a laughter yoga class immediately!


Clapping and warming up

A typical type of laughter yoga class begins with clapping and synchronising movements of the hands. You have to breathe from your belly by making sounds like ‘ho ho ha ha ha’. It is said that the clapping your do, helps stimulate the pressure points and boost energy levels. Great way to begin your day! After all, you need energy to face the tasks of the day ahead!

Constipated laughter

The name is kind of comical! But this one is fun and requires almost no effort. You need to squat on an imaginary throne and let go of yourself with hearty laughter. It is an easy way to tone the hips and thighs.

Deep breathing with laughter

Your deep breathing exercises can be given a twist with laughter. Just loosen up your hands and breathe in deeply to the count of 4. Exhale with 2 huge belly laughs. Continue doing this for 6-7 breaths. This will help in calming your mind down and releasing tension.

laughter yoga

Gibberish speaking

Well, this one is a group activity. You have to think of an embarrassing situation that you had come across and tell it aloud to others. However, the incident has to be narrated in a gibberish manner with laughter throughout. Doing so will make you and the people around you laugh their heart out and laughter is a great medicine. The benefit of this activity is that it keeps you confident and lets you keep your spirits high while confronting a tough situation.

Basketball throw

Basketball throw is considered to be a fascinating laughter activity that is to be done in a group. In this activity you need to throw a basketball while others around you cheer. This laughter yoga is a value based one that reminds each and every participant the importance of appreciating each other. Doesn’t it feel good when someone is cheering you and clapping for you? It boosts your confidence.

Celebration laughter

This is again a group activity. You need to share a happy secret with everyone in the group. It can be anything amusing but secret like ‘I am bunking office on Monday!’. After sharing the secret, just jump up laughing and give a high-five to each group member. After this activity you will automatically feel rejuvenated.

All the above laughter yoga activities will help reduce your stress and keep you cheerful. Being happy will become your nature!

Hope you liked reading this post on laughter yoga!

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