A Glimpse Of The Lean Muscle Diet Book


A Glimpse Of The Lean Muscle Diet Book

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Everybody wants to get rid of flab and build lean muscle. So, how does one go about it? Well, there is something called a lean muscle diet. It is actually a book written by Lou Schuler and Alan Aragon. Lou Schuler is a notable writer from the fitness and nutrition world whereas Alan Aragon is a nutritional consultant.

Lean muscle diet

The lean muscle diet is a nutrition and workout plan designed in a way to help people get lovely bodies without having to shun the foods they totally love. It is also a sustainable diet plan that helps people maintain the body built by them forever. Isn’t that great?

Let us have a look at the diet in detail,

The diet has the following priorities:

  • Attaining your total calorie target
  • Attaining your macronutrient targets, mainly protein
  • Getting most of your nutrition from real and minimally processed foods

However, there is also a sensible suggestion that 10% of your calories in a week can be allotted to junk foods! We are humans after all and do succumb to temptation.

Who is this book not for?

Before you start this diet you should get it cleared that this diet is not for everyone.

  1. This diet is not for those who are on a look out for a simple fad diet.
  2. It is meant for the regular people and not the super geeks of nutrition.
  3. It is not for those people who are on a look out for a detailed discussion on what to do when your workouts are not fruitful. Such details have been omitted to avoid complication.

Who is this book for?

  1. This diet plan is for anyone who has not seen results from previous dieting efforts. It is relevant for those souls who got trapped in the fad diet trap.
  2. Useful for the layman as many not so common things have been explained in simple language.
  3. Though the information is aimed at men, even serious women who really want to get into shape will find it useful.

women lean muscle diet

The diet section

In the diet section, there are calorie and macronutrient calculation and they are pretty simple so that you don’t go wrong. Carb cycling and fat cycling are also mentioned.

Meal plans

Those who don’t have the hang of calories or macronutrients need to get disciplines so that they get a rough idea of what is there in their foods. There are food charts included in book along with calorie, macro and fibre details. Since, it is not possible to list everything; people are taught how to get a ‘close enough’ idea. Alan emphasises that it isn’t a healthy attitude to get everything till the last gram. There are some people who are bent on getting everything exact. When given an online calculator, they are unable to find the foods they want to eat. The end result is that they give up on that food entirely. Things can get pretty stressful for such people! It is good that the authors have provided charts and they are quite helpful!

Meal frequency and timing, supplements and alcohol limits are addressed.

The Training section

Almost half of the book is devoted to training. There is a warm-up guide, a suggested program, which is a mix of bodybuilding and strength work. The exercises mentioned in the book look pretty interesting. If you stick to the workouts mentioned you will probably do well.

So,that was a sneak-peek into the book!

Going to grab the lean muscle diet book soon?

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