Cleanse Yourself With Lemon And Turmeric Detox


Lemon And Turmeric Detox

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Are you aware of the fact that you are letting in toxins into your body every time you breathe, drink water or eat food? This makes regular cleansing essential if you want your body to function fine. But how? Well, lemon and turmeric seem to be the perfect detox combination. Read on to find out how amazing both lemon and turmeric are!

Lemons are loaded with antioxidants and vitamin C ; turmeric has a potent active ingredient to combat cancer and treat other kinds of aliments. Are you aware of the fact that turmeric belongs to the ginger family? Turmeric or haldi as it is called in Hindi, is a staple spice in every Indian kitchen. Almost every dish cooked in an Indian kitchen has turmeric powder added to it. This spice is common in other parts of Asia too.

Turmeric for weight loss

Turmeric acts as a strong antioxidant that fights carcinogens or cancer causing agents. It is also has strong anti-septic and anti-inflammatory properties. Turmeric is really good for the skin, whether taken orally or applied externally. It is known to cleanse, hydrate and nourish the skin while keeping it young and elastic. No wonder why in Indian marriage rituals, haldi paste is applied to both the bride and groom just a day before the wedding. It is to bring a glow in their complexion. If you get hurt, the best treatment would be to apply turmeric over the wound. It is a great healer. Drinking milk with turmeric powder added to it is customary in India to help the wound heal faster. Learn more about turmeric as a wound healer here! For those who want to lose excess kilos should consume turmeric. It helps in flushing out the toxins from the liver and kidneys. It regulates the body’s metabolism and stimulates the absorption of nutrients.


Now, coming to lemon, the vitamin C present in lemons helps in rejuvenating the skin totally both on the inside and outside. It wards off wrinkles and prevents premature aging of the skin. Being rich in citric acid, lemons balance pH values. Lemon helps in boosting immunity, reducing stress and providing you with energy to face the day head on. It is a good source of potassium too. Lemon is a citrus fruit that is a natural diuretic, which means that it helps in promoting frequent visits to the washroom. It is a great way to keep the urinary tract healthy.

Just think what will happen when you combine lemon and turmeric! You will get a combo that is immensely healthy. Warm lemon water and turmeric mixed with honey can make a great detox drink. It will help the body cleanse itself and get rid of all the toxins. This will give an overall boost to your health. Add a bit of ginger powder and cinnamon powder to the drink and see the magic.

Cleanse Yourself With Lemon And Turmeric Detox

lemon turmeric detox, Lemon And Turmeric Detox

Make this drink your body cleanser. It would give you a good feeling to be cleansed completely. We cannot avoid the toxins as they are everywhere, in the air, water and food but we can make sure that we stay protected from the adverse effects.

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