Leptin Resistance-Causes And Cure


Leptin Resistance-Causes And Cure

Let us continue our discussion on Letptin resistance, shall we ? In my last post, I explained how people can be obese for various reasons and Leptin resistance is one of them!

Modern obesity has a lot to do with hormonal defects like Leptin resistance which is so powerful that it can make a strong willed person go weak and quit 🙁

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What are the causes of Leptin Resistance?

The first reason of leptin resistance is Leptin itself ! When the body has too many fat cells, it leads to an over production of leptin. This causes problems in leptin signalling the brain. Despite leptin available in elevated levels, brain fails to feel it around and thinks that there is a danger of starvation. So excess leptin also causes leptin resistance.

That’s why obese people who have high levels of leptin fail to eat less and instead keep gaining.

Another reason of leptin resistance is the presence of free fatty acids in blood. Excess fatty acids interfere with leptin signalling the brain to eat less.

Hypothalamus is the area of the brain which is responsible for humans eating in what quantity and when! Inflammatory signalling in hypothalamus also causes leptin resistance.

Sleep is an understated reason of stress and obesity. Undoubtedly people become obese and then due to leptin resistance fail to shed weight and end up being obese for entire life 🙁

How To Cure Leptin Resistance?

It is difficult to cure leptin resistance but not impossible. Below are must follow rules to reverse leptin resistance –

  • Sleep – Yeah the much emphasised sleep is the first step to reduce leptin resistance.
  • Ban junk food from your diet. Process food destroy your entire digestive system, haunts gut flora and causes inflammation that leads to leptin resistance.
  • Increase your intake of fiber. Fiber is extremely beneficial to defend obesity.
  • Exercise-Move your butt and workout. Sweat, make your fat scream and lower your body fat!
  • Stop eating sugar of all kinds !
  • Increase protein intake. If you are a vegetarian, take whey protein but do not just ignore protein intake in your diet.

These cures or ways to cure leptin resistance are obvious, everyone seems to know them. Just that knowing and following are two different things, sadly poles apart!

Fixing fatty liver can also prevent obesity and leptin resistance too. The tell tell sign of fatty liver is abdominal obesity!

how to reduce belly fat

In short, leptin is the main hormone that regulates fat deposition in humans! We can’t let it go haywire if we wish to stay healthy.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment 🙂

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