Les Mills Body Balance and Yoga


Les Mills Body Balance and Yoga

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I have been taking up new exercise lessons to add more to my knowledge and then choose what works best for me. Les Mills has many fitness programs like body combat, body pump, body jam and also body balance. It is a 55 minutes workout routine which incorporates yoga and Pilates. The Body Balance routine aims at a workout that builds flexibility and strength and leaves you feeling centered and calm. Controlled breathing, concentration and a carefully structured series of stretches, moves and poses to music create a holistic workout that brings the body into a state of harmony and balance.

When I first did Body Balance, we started with a Tai chi warm up, which I had done in my earlier Tai chi classes, and then we had surya namaskars with a different style. The routine has tracks which are songs, like one whole song dedicated to warm up, then the second one where we do Surya Namaskars, so on so forth. There is also an abs track where we have lot of Pilates move. I love the Body Balance class, it is like a super cool yoga class where we do all these balancing moves, nothing is fast paced or quick, but is slow and with holds, which is effective.

Les Mills Body Balance and Yoga 1

Let me tell you, how Body Balance helps you with toning up and how it incorporates yoga:

1. Improves flexibility

Les Mills Body Balance and Yoga 2

Right from the warm up moves, till the twists make your body flexible. The Balance routine is a yoga based routine. It helps you maintain your concentration, where as with the tough moves like Hindi Squats (the way you sit down on the Indian loo, really is something) and believe me, we are best doing these moves. People here find it difficult to sit cross legged, since they are not used to it, but in a balance class, for sitting routines, we sit cross legged. It adds flexibility and lubrication of the joints, say bye to bye stiff joints and better muscle workout if you follow a gym routine.

2. Never a boring class- Body Balance:

Les Mills Body Balance and Yoga 3

We always tend to get bored with the same routines at work out, but with Les Mills, the routine changes every 3 months, we get used to a certain kind of exercise, but to make sure every inch toned up. With the Body Balance routine, after every three months we have a new routine, which has so many yoga postures. Everyone is understanding the importance of yoga.

3. Helps you toning up:

Les Mills Body Balance and Yoga 4

The class has a perfect blend of yoga and Pilates, which focuses on every body part for you. The abdomen and bum is left to Pilates, there is nothing water tight about the moves. During the surya namaskars, we hold our poses at certain times and modify them a bit. The twists focus on your sides, the Pilates get you rid of that tummy and Yoga helps you over all. There is no breathing or pranayams included but over all, it is a fast paced (not literally), yoga class.

I love hopping into my Body Balance routine, it just helps me relieve all the stress and my laziness, sometimes your body just needs a little bit of pushing your self. This is the way west has  incorporated yoga in their routine 😉

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