Lesser Known Home Remedies


Lesser known home remedies

home remediesA lot of times we dismiss home remedies as useless old wives tales. The truth is that what grandma was saying wasn’t always humbug. Here is a list of some home remedies that are off the beaten track and useful as ever. Some maybe known to you, some may not. But, hope you enjoy the read and learn something valuable along the way.

  1. Stinky feet – need a cure?

vodkaVodka is not only good to lift your spirits it also helps to keep your feet odorless. Some have a cronic issue with smelly feet. No matter what you do , you cannot seem to shake the smell off. Vodka contains alcohol, which is antiseptic and drying. It works to destroy odor-causing fungus and bacteria and helps dehydrate  the moisture that lets these organisms grow. This can be an expensive proposition, you can avoid the expense by using an alcohol spirit from your drug store.

  1. Bad breath solutions

yogurt-berriesBad breath is caused by bacteria in the mouth. To get rid of the staleness you can use yogurt. The bacteria present in yogurt fights the bacteria causing enzymes in your mouth.

  1. Beauty and skin care

Coconut-oilBeauty is an expensive proposition in these times. The cost of creams and lotions that claim to fight aging and other natural phenomena can cost the earth. Instead of breaking the bank with these indulgences why not go for something more natural and definitely cheaper. Natrual oils such as olive and coconut oil work well to moisturize and sooth the skin and hair. Just slather some on before your bath and you have softer, more supple, and younger looking skin.

  1. Hiccups

sugar kills usHiccups are an annoying occurrence and can sometimes be very embarrassing. Imagine being at a formal sit down dinner and being hit by a bout of hiccups. You may sip on water but they may still not go away. What do you do now? You cannot hide under the table as much as you may want to. Just a spoon full of sugar can get rid of your hiccups and save you some embarrassment. Try it !

  1. Citrus juices and motion sickness

lemons_tummy flattening foodsMotion sickness is a terrible disease, especially in todays times when we are always on the go. You can pop a pill, but these inevitably have a drowsy element. If you are prone to any sort of motion sickness, keep a slice of lemon or any other citrusy fruit on you. When you start feeling woozy just suck on the fruit for instant and natural relief without any side effects.

  1. Teeth hygiene

apple_for diabeticsBrushing your teeth twice a day even with the best toothpaste is not going to keep your pearly whites pearly. An apple a day will keep the doctor away as well as the dentist! Chewing on apples especially biting into it has a natural cleaning effect that will work to keep your teeth whiter and cleaner.

  1. Tunes for your moods

Listening to soothing music for half an hour daily can keep your blood pressure under control. Music has a soothing effect on your mind and body and helps ease you of the stresses of your day.

Feel free to add any remedies to this  list that you may know of and we have missed.

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