Lessons From Dancing To Apply In Daily Life


Top Lessons From Dancing To Apply In Daily Life

Hello All!!

Do you have a knack for dancing? If you have always been an avid dancer, it would have taught you a thing or two related to living a better life! Even if you have two left feet, it does not matter as you need not dance but learn a few things from the art of dancing.

Here are the lessons from dancing to apply in daily life. You will definitely be able to see positive changes!

1) Balancing things well

When you dance, balance refers to how you bring down your foot to the floor, pull up your belly or wave your arms up in the air. These dance movements need you to be able to be in perfect balance or you may trip and fall. This is a life lesson as you need to maintain a balance in your life too. How to go about it? Well, you need to focus on the present, breathe, relax and, lift yourself up. You need to keep trying till you find equilibrium in your life.

2) Accept falls

If you ask any dancer whether you have fallen on stage, they will immediately tell you yes. Dancers have to accept falls and also be prepared for them. It makes them a strong human. Apply this into your life and accept failure. At times, success is achieved when circumstances point towards failure. Just keep going happen what may. Don’t let shame and embarrassment come in the way. Rise every time you fall and show that you are a true fighter.

3) Put away the smartphone

Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp don’t let you disconnect. People spend hours together with their smartphone without even looking up to what’s happening around. However, have you ever seen a dancer using a phone while giving a performance? Do they take snapshots or selfies or read emails in between? The dancer always aims for the song to get completed. Disconnecting with your smartphone is not easy but it can make a huge difference in your life. It can change a lot of things in your life. Take time out for yourself, sip coffee in the morning in peace without the phone around you. You can even light a candle and sit simply or meditate. Do this regularly. You need to disconnect.

4) Let music be your best friend

Everyone likes to have complete control over the things in life but just like a dancer, you need to move with the music. Bring in music into your life. Go with the flow and move around with élan in your personal and professional lives.

So, let’s recapitulate!

  • Find a balance in life. Keep your feet on the ground but do get elevated.
  • Accept difficult times and failure.
  • Disconnect at times
  • Bring in music to your life

Try to incorporate the above lessons from dancing in your life and see how beautiful and easy-going life becomes. You can then sail smoothly in the ocean of life.

Hope you liked reading about these Lessons From Dancing!

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