Let’s Brighten Some Lives This Diwali


Let’s Brighten Some Lives This Diwali

I wish you all a blessed Dhanteras and happy Diwali, but may I ask you, if you believe in buying gold to attract more abundance in your life, can we also think of making a donation to make someone’s future abundant? Think about it folks, please open your hearts generously and with love – it’s about someone’s future – a small contribution can light up someone’s life, isnt it?

This is what I posted on my Facebook timeline the other day, and IWB I appreciate your help to come forward and to allow me speak for the many who need a little ‘Lamp’ to shine in their lives.

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This Diwali – Let’s Brighten Up Some Lives, Shall We?

Hi All,

You may already know me as one of the bloggers for IWB – much love and appreciation for that to one and all reading this. Well, apart from staying healthy and keeping fit, I also vouch for humanity, in more ways than one.

As a child growing up in the midst of hardships, I have seen how my parents battled their ways through – to bring a smile on everyone’s face, and to provide for my family and me. Those were the terrible days, which I do not wish to remember at all.

As we celebrate the Festival of Lights – Diwali, may I bring your attention to the many who still do not know the true meaning of having ‘Light’ in their lives. Today, I would like to speak to you about a secular NGO in Kolkata – Responsible Charity

You may stop me right here and ask me what’s so special about them – another NGO talk, oh no! But wait, I am not asking you to proceed without knowing. What I am earnestly requesting you all to do is to open your hearts – a little ray of light from your souls can make a difference to someone in need.

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Responsible Charity – Bringing hope to many and surely a better way to help make a difference, here’s how!

“Responsible Charity – A humanist charity providing education to children in slum communities and villages in India and empowering women and men to overcome poverty. Responsible Charity, Corp is a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit corporation and your donations are deductible to the full extent allowed by law.”

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“Poverty is a man-made problem which cripples the evolution of happiness, health and the development of our consciousness at its very core and it could easily signal the end of humanity as we know it unless it is addressed with tangible and progressive solutions” -Hemley Gonzalez, founder of Responsible Charity.

Most of us would be spending a bomb on new clothes, gifts and lavish parties, while the nation celebrates Diwali. I see no harm in enjoying the festive mood, and you have total rights to do so. However, may I ask you to in person or spirit consider bringing in the much needed ‘LIGHT’ – to the many who do not see the spark at the end of the tunnel?

So how would you go ahead and do that?

The process is simple. You could log on to FACEBOOK and check out the lovely work being done by Responsible Charity. For a complete overview of all of their previous work and ongoing projects please visit: https://www.facebook.com/responsiblecharity/photos, this would give you an idea on what they do, who they are and how your small help can make a BIG DIFFERENCE.

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At the moment, I would ask you also to check the ‘Self-Sustainability’ programs at Responsible Charity. Yes, that is me in the red and Sayandip Sarkar in blue.

Here is what they have to say Our self-sustainability workshops at are aimed at creating jobs for women living in slum communities and villages around the city. Under the guidance and supervision of our arts teacher, these women are learning how to make bracelets from recycled paper, yielding unique, stylish and wearable accessories.”

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In addition to this, Responsible Charity has been helping with sending children from the lowest rungs of society – slums in Kolkata to school. Here is an excerpt of their work with sending kids to school. We served a special lunch aside from the regular menu which we provide daily to the students during the General Health & Dentistry Camp w that we held last week for nearly 100 children attending a school operated by our fellow NGO: Lights of Hope. We served biryanis for everyone (chicken with rice, potato, egg and spices; basically an Asian paella!). Check-ups and diagnosis were performed and medicines distributed. More than two dozen children were scheduled for additional visits to the dentist in the coming weeks”

I have just mentioned two of the many deeds done by the secular NGO in Kolkata. You now can make a difference, in any way and any form, in spirit or in person. We have the time to make funny videos and status messages go viral, or even do an ice bucket challenge – let’s join hands together and work towards ‘Shining Someone’s Life’ today.

Final words on behalf of Responsible Charity “Your donations keeps us on the ground working and providing education, birth control, medical support and more to families living in poverty. Any amount will help! Please lend your support to our humanist charity today”

Signing off with love, hope, care and plenty of hugs to one and all reading this – from us all at IWB and on behalf of the smiling faces behind Responsible Charity, we wish you a lovely festival of lights; Happy Diwali everyone.

Website: http://www.responsiblecharity.org/

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/responsiblecharity

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