Let’s Talk, Shall We?


Let’s Talk, Shall We?

Hello Everyone,

Finally today is an auspicious day! One reason is that its Friday today, yayy 😉 and secondly, its TALK TALK day 😛 . It has been a very long time I have not blabbered, so today is THE day 😉

I have a lot of things to talk about but let me begin with IWB! Last month’s event – 1 week weight loss event was a great hit. Thank you for an overwhelming response. Would you like to have more such events? If yes, what kind of events would you prefer? Diwali is around the corner, would you like a 2 day detox plan to shed the extra 1-2 kgs you gained by eating yummy sweets and savory snacks 😉 ? Do let us know!

Like I say all the time, if you have suggestions for IWB, please pour in. We would like to publish what you like to read!

On a personal front, I have been working out quite religiously. Below are my partners 😉

Workout gym equipments

I love lifting weights. In the past 3 months, I have gained 1.3 kgs of muscle mass, yayyy . Increasing muscle mass not only makes you look toned, but it also increases your BMR that helps you to burn more calories. Imagine… one fine day you start burning extra 100 calories without doing anything different! Woah, its amazing isn’t?

I have been struggling with food since 5 months because my thyroid levels were messed up and I had to stop eating cruciferous vegetables completely. It’s so difficult for a vegetarian person to not eat half the vegetables but the good news is I am back on track. It took me 5 months and my T3 T4 and TSH levels are way below the danger level. Can’t tell you how relieved I am!

I have one more good news to share, my life is going to change for good! No, its not a new job huh. Let me hold on a bit longer and reveal in a few days 😉

Thanks for reading IWB, I appreciate all the love and affection I have received from you guys! I should be expressing more often, better late than never!

Enjoy your weekend



Hope you liked reading this!

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