Top Reasons Why Not To Take Lightheadedness Lightly


Why not to take lightheadedness lightly

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Have you been feeling faint, dizzy, weak and light-headed quite often? Please don’t ignore it. You need to see a doctor! It can be because of something as simple as hunger or as complicated as a heart issue.

The medical term for this condition is presyncope. You almost feel like fainting with dizziness, light-headedness and muscle weakness. You can feel faint when there is a temporary fall in the flow of oxygen-carrying blood to the brain, lower than what is needed for normal functioning. However, there is no loss of consciousness.

Presyncope is not taken seriously most often. But it is important that you find out what is causing it. Even if you won’t faint, there is always a risk of falling down. Additionally, it can lead to life threatening conditions if not diagnosed in time.

Reasons why you feel faint

Low blood pressure

Normal BP is 120/80. You have low BP when the reading is 90/60 or lower. However, there are people who have low BP all the time, they don’t have any symptoms and their low BP readings are normal for them. In other people, BP drops when they sit up from a lying position or when the stand up from a sitting posture. There is dizziness only for a short period of time and BP quickly gets adjusted to the new posture and gets back to normal. This is termed as postural hypotension. This can get troublesome with advancing age, especially for people who have diabetes, central nervous system diseases and those who are dehydrated due to hot weather or less fluid intake. Another reason for your BP to drop below normal is loss of blood.


Certain prescription medicines such as high BP pills, diuretics (medicines that increase urine flow), ones that dilate blood vessels can cause the feeling of fainting.

Heart problems


When a person has heart disorders such as arrhythmia, he would have an abnormal heart rhythm that affects blood supply to the brain and makes the individual feel light-headed.

Low blood sugar

Having a low blood sugar can make you feel faint. When the blood’s glucose levels drop to 70 mg/dL or lower, you have low blood sugar. Symptoms include fatigue, sweating, faintness and tremours.

Structural disturbance

There can be fainting when there are structural disturbances related with the heart, the valves and blood vessels. Fainting is commonly associated with a heart attack.


Dehydration reduces your blood pressure, makes you feel weak, dizzy, fatigued and nauseous.


Tiredness is the chief symptom of anemia. When you are anemic, there is an insufficient amount of red blood cells to carry oxygen to your brain and this can make you feel dizzy and light-headed.

Autonomic neuropathy

It is a nerve disorder and dizziness or feeling faint is the chief symptom of this condition.

Panic attack

There can be a psychiatric cause behind feeling faint. People with anxiety disorder can feel faint when they are about to have a panic attack.

Acute stress

When you are under acute stress, there are a variety of symptoms like light-headedness, feeling numb, having palpitations, blurred vision, feeling of fainting and tingling of your hands and areas around the mouth.

So, it is high time you take your lightheadedness seriously as there may be one of the above health issues!

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