Limcee:Vitamin C Supplement India


Limcee:Vitamin C Supplement India

Heya Everyone,

I am on the “review products” phase. If you have missed my review about amazing Hair Growth supplement, read it here.

Let me jump back to today’s post( I am seldom in a mood to spare people of my rant 😀 ).  This post is about Vitamin C supplement – Limcee , available in India.

Limcee:Vitamin C Supplement India

Limcee:Vitamin C Supplement India

Please pardon me for this messy piccy, its difficult to click a medicine packaging 😀 and even more difficult to make it look photogenic 😉

Vini, our wonderful writer has explained All About Vitamin C here. You all know that Vitamin C can’t be synthesized by body and hence we should eat more citrus food items for its intake.

Now my 2 cents –

1. If you smoke, Vitamin C that you get from food , no matter how much citrus fruits/veggies you eat, its in vain ! Smoking burns your vitamin C intake.

2. If you avoid eating citrus  fruits like lemon, orange etc due to any reason for example tonsils, you are likely to be deficient in Vitamin C.

3. I said only 2 cents lol 😀

What is Limcee ?

Its a Vitamin C supplement inn the form of a chewable tablet. You don’t need to gulp it down your throat, you can just eat it happily. It tastes delicious :P, just like orange candy.

How to Use Limcee ?

1 tablet after any meal is fine. If you are a smoker , please have 1 tablet every cigarette you smoke !


10 Rs for each tablet. The strip has 10 tablets as far as I remember.


Any chemist shop


limcee vitamin c supplement

I have been using Limcee for about 3 months and have not experienced any side effects. This does not mean that you should stop eating healthy and rely only on supplements. The supplements are in no way replacement to healthy eating, period !

Rating…. 2/5

Have you tried Limcee? Do you know of any other Vitamin C supplement ?


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