Link Between Sleep And Phases Of The Moon


Link Between Sleep And Phases Of The Moon

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The phases of the moon have some kind of effect on us. No, I don’t mean to say that you will turn into a werewolf on a full moon night :P! It is just that the phases of the moon can affect the sleep of a person. Whereas folklore abounds in stories of the full moon night, science wants solid evidence in this regard.

Have you felt any such changes in your sleeping pattern on a full moon night? Are they even noticeable? Let us know more about the effect of the moon on our sleep.

Link Between Sleep And Phases Of The Moon

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A study has been conducted recently on 47 young and healthy adults. They have managed to find a link between lunar phases and sleep patterns. What they found is as follows:

  • Around the time of a full moon, sleep was delayed by 25 minutes on an average.
  • People under study were found to be more susceptible to sleep disruption during a full moon night.
  • On a new moon night the sleepers were found to spend an extra 30 minutes on an average in REM sleep.

One thing was made sure that the sleepers in the study were away from direct moon light. This ruled out that the changes in sleep pattern were due to the light.


In a previous study, there was a decrease of 20 minutes in the sleeping hours of the participants during the full moon. The participants also needed an extra of 5 minutes to fall asleep during the full moon phase. The EEG of the participants showed a thirty percent decrease in delta waves. Delta wave is a brain wave that specifies deep sleep.

Studies have also been done on marine creatures and their behaviour has been linked to the cycle of the moon. In worms, the phases of the moon are the chief driving force behind their reproductive timing.

A bigger study done has not been able to correlate the moon’s effect on sleep in humans. This study had 1,265 participants and 2000 nights of sleep. Scientists though fascinated by this concept, have to get their hands on some solid evidence in order to prove the effect of lunar phases on human sleep.

One research scientist who happens to study circadian rhythms said that the moon-sleep link can point towards our evolutionary past. He says if a person was a hunter-gatherer in the prehistoric times, he might want to be out in the full moon night for hunting!

Hmmm, this means that the pre-historic man or woman still lives inside us! Just imagine yourself in that form, all set for a night long adventure to hunt down animals for food! Maybe you spent the day sharpening your weapons. Phew! Who said life was easy during olden times? Today we have to struggle hard for earning money for our needs, but at least not go out in the wild and hunt! One just has to go to the supermarket and buy things off the shelf!

Okay!! Coming back to lunar phases and their effects on humans, lunar rhythms exist but they are not as evident as circadian rhythms and not easy to document. The effect of the moon can be masked by man-made environmental influences that we are surrounded by. This includes artificial light. Several people sense the effect of lunar phases but what the effect is needs to be found out. It may take some more time to get a satisfactory answer.

Do you feel that there is a Link Between Sleep And Phases Of The Moon?

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