Lipedema A Common Fat Distribution Disorder Among Women


Lipedema A Common Fat Distribution Disorder Among Women

lipedema is not fat

What is Lipedema?

Lipedema or Lipoedema is a chronic health condition which is long term and typically involves an abnormal build-up of fat cells in the legs, thighs and buttocks. In Lipedema, the legs, from the ankles up to the hips becomes enlarged due to an unequal fat distribution in the lower part of the body.  There is an abnormal swelling of the legs and hips that extends down towards the ankles where the fat forms a sort of ring just above the ankle. This swelling is due to accumulations of fat and fluid in the tissues under the skin. The bulges of fat can be seen on the outer surfaces of the thighs and sometimes the upper arms also are affected as well. Although the ailment affects the waist down, almost in a distinct line toward the ankles, with the feet remaining unaffected.

Who is affected the most?

lipedema stages

The condition occurs almost exclusively in women, of all sizes, from the seriously underweight to the morbidly obese and is thought of to be an inherited health issue. It is believed to be hormonal disorder which is usually triggered at puberty. It may worsen during or after pregnancy, peri-menopause, and following some gynecological surgery. This disorder has three stages and the best way to control it is in stage 1 or 2 only otherwise it might be too late. Although women only are affected by this disorder yet there have been some cases in men too.

The bad news

The bad news is that though it looks like an obesity disorder yet unlike the “normal” fat of obesity, lipedemic fat cannot be lost through diet and exercise. Lipedema fat cannot be exercised or even starved away. It is painful thus has also been called “painful fat syndrome.”

What does Lipedema Look Like?

lipedemaLipedema makes legs look like large columns and as it progresses the lower body becomes increasingly heavy. The increased additional expanded fat cells interfere with the pathways of lymphatic vessels which leads to secondary lymphedema. This condition is known as lipo-lymphedema.

What Can Be Done?

Lipedema fat can be very painful if not kept under control. The only way to keep it controlled is by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Failing to do so can lead to immobility.  Lipedema is such a disorder that, if left unattended and untreated it can cause multiple health problems. The quality of emotional and physical life of a lipedema patient suffers because the disease is generally considered and dismissed as simple obesity.

Lipedema exercise

The best way to stay away and endure this disorder is doing easy and simple aerobic movements to keep the lower affected part of the body moving. A low intensity Leslie Sansone’s Walk At Home Program can be really helpful.

Now you know all about Lipedema, a common fat distribution disorder among women?

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