List Of High Enzyme Foods For Good Health


List Of High Enzyme Foods For Good Health

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The human body is really complex. There are so many chemical reactions taking place in it every moment. For increasing or decreasing the speed of these chemical reactions enzymes are used. Enzymes are basically proteins.

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Here are a few of the activities in your body requiring enzymes:

  • Production of energy
  • Oxygen absorption
  • Fighting infections
  • Healing wounds
  • Inflammation reduction
  • Getting nutrients into the cells
  • Removing toxic wastes
  • Breaking down fats in the blood
  • Regulating cholesterol and levels of triglyceride
  • To dissolve blood clots
  • Regulation of hormone
  • Slowing the process of ageing

There are a lot of enzymes in produced in the body, the most commonly thought about enzymes are digestive enzymes. They help the body in breaking down and absorbing the foods eaten by us. If your diet is rich in enzymes you can increase energy, build stamina, support weight loss and maintain good health overall.

There are certain foods that contain enzymes in them and are good for us. They are as follows:


10 Health Benefits Of Papaya

Papaya is a tropical fruit that is widely available in India. They contain large proportions of the enzyme called papain. Raw papaya is a good source of this powerful digestive enzyme. There are lots of papayas in the fruit market all year round in India and this fruit has several other health benefits too. The raw papaya is green in colour and is used in South Indian cuisine.


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Raw pineapples are known to contain an enzyme called bromelain. It contributes to the digestion of proteins. Bromelain is anti-inflammatory and is an anti-coagulant by nature. A little bit of bromelain is found in the pineapple fruit too. (Yum I love pineapples!!) Those of you looking to consume larger amounts can find a bromelain enzyme supplement at health/medical store but it is always better to do so under medical supervision.


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The word ‘sprouts’ reminds of Baba Ramdev every time. In one of his discourses on TV, he had particularly stressed that sprouts are really good for health 🙂  Different grains can be sprouted and consumed. They are loaded with nutrients and are found to contain more than 100 times the enzymes present in fruits and vegetables. The enzyme concentration is the most when seeds germinate. The enzymes have a lot of health benefits for overall wellness.

Raw Nuts and Seeds

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Nature has blessed all raw and natural foods with the required enzymes for digestion. Nuts and seeds contain an enzyme called lipase that breaks down fats. The pancreas makes this enzyme called lipase; however, when you don’t consume sufficient lipase from dietary sources, there is a deficiency that puts a strain on this important organ. Roasting the nuts and seeds destroys the enzymes present in them. It is advisable to eat them raw for a good dose of the essential enzymes.

Raw Fruits and Vegetables

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While nuts and seeds have the lipase enzyme to digest fat, fruits and veggies have enzymes to break down carbs. They contain an enzyme called amylase. It is the main enzyme needed for the metabolism of carbs. Amylase is found in our saliva as digestion starts in the mouth. The enzyme breaks carbs into simple sugars that can be used by the body for energy. Veggie and fruit enzymes are destroyed when cooked above the temperature of 118 degree F. So that means when you microwave or steam fruits and veggies, you are destroying most of the enzymes present and this makes digestion of the food harder. In order to improve overall digestion you should eat raw fruits and veggies.

Are you ready to eat high enzyme foods for good health?

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