Little Known Hygiene Myths And Facts


Little Known Hygiene Myths And Facts

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As the saying goes- ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’, we all should make it a point to be clean and maintain hygiene. But this definitely does not mean that you should go over the top! While in urban India people are far too hygiene conscious, people in rural India have no access to clean water or no basic knowledge of hygiene. There is a yawning gap between rural and urban Indian hygiene.

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There are a lot of myths associated with hygiene and this post aims at debunking those myths.

Myth no 1: Soap kills germs

Truth: The ordinary soap you use daily is not capable of killing bacteria. It simply cleans the hands by lifting germs (bacteria) from the skin surface and helps forcing them down the drain after the hands are rinsed. If you want to kill the germs on your hands, you should use an antibacterial soap. There are so many hand washes in the market that claim that they kill germs, so you can use anyone of them to actually ‘kill’ the germs on your hands.

Myth no 2: Good germs will help protect you from bad germs

Truth: The good germs are actually bacteria found on the skin normally. They co-exist with humans in harmony. The bad germs are pathogens or bacteria that cause diseases. Both good and bad bacteria are always present on your body and their number may differ from person to person. Having good germs on your body cannot protect you from bad germs. You can get contaminated with bad germs at any time.

Myth no 3: Young children get head lice due to poor personal hygiene.

Truth: Children who are completely clean and maintain good personal hygiene can be troubled with lice. Head lice are transmitted by direct head to head contact or by sharing towels and hair brushes. So, there is nothing about personal hygiene here.

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Myth no 4: Immunity will be affected by killing germs on your hands

Truth: The body is always covered with microbes. Not only the body but the entire environment is filled with microbes!! Killing all the microbes present on your skin is not possible. Having microbes can be beneficial as they help in stimulating your immune response. Killing germs on your hands will not lower immunity. It will actually help in preventing infection.

Myth 5: Using alcohol hand sanitizers can cause bacterial resistance and mutation.

Truth: Alcohol kills the bacteria and common sense says that dead micro-organism cannot mutate. This means that you can use alcohol hand sanitizers without any fear of developing resistance to antibiotics or mutation of bacteria.

Now it is time for some hygiene facts!! Read on!

Fact 1: Bad breath needn’t necessarily be caused by poor oral hygiene

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Explanation: A dry mouth is one of the most common causes of bad breath. This is the main reason why many people have bad breath in the morning, as the production of saliva slows down while one is asleep. Saliva works as a mouth rinse and also contains a compound that kills bacteria and buffers the waste products.

When the mouth is dry, there is a better environment for the bacteria to grow and flourish, leading to bad breath. Some people have a constantly dry mouth that can be the side effect of medicines, especially anti-histamines, blood pressure medicines, diuretics and anti-depressants. A gum disease can also be the chief reason behind bad breath. Sinus problems can also contribute to bad breath.

Fact 2: Hand sanitizers are the best way of killing germs

Explanation: One of the most efficient ways of killing germs is using hand sanitizers. But they should contain 60 to 95% alcohol in them. Alcohol can kill virus, bacteria and fungus. Alcohol hand sanitizers are very effective, they can kill 99.9% of the bacteria on your hands within thirty seconds! Isn’t that great? This doesn’t means that it will work well for dirty hands. (Like those after gardening!). Yeah, but if you want to eat pani puri in the middle of your shopping , you can just rub the hand sanitizer on your hands and start gorging 😉 !

Did you already know about these Little Known Hygiene Myths And Facts?

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