Attending A Live Music Performance Reduces Stress Hormone Levels


Attending A Live Music Concert Reduces Stress Hormone Levels

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Are you a music lover? Have you ever attended a live music concert? Music, they say is food for the soul. It has tremendous healing power. Anyone who feels sad or depressed can get into a good mood by listening to the genre of music he or she loves. Some songs bring back a good memory and certain lyrics freshen up your mind. Music has so much to offer! If a person has to spend time alone, the best way is to listen to songs that make him or her remember the good old days. Different people like different genres of music. But whatever it is, music is indeed a universal language. Listening to instrumental music can soothe the soul.

That being said, attending live concerts has a lot more to offer than just pepping up your mood.

Attending A Live Music Performance Reduces Stress Hormone Levels

Attending A Live Music Performance Reduces Stress Hormone Levels

According to a new study, when you attend a live music performance, the levels of the stress hormone cortisol get reduced. The researchers happened to study 117 individuals who happened to attend two music concerts in London.

They were asked for the samples of saliva before the beginning of the concert and then once again during an interval after an hour. Upon testing the samples for cortisol and cortisone, researchers were able to find reductions in the second samples.

This is an elementary evidence of the fact that attending a cultural event can have an impact on an individual’s endocrine activity says the research head, Daisy Fancourt.

When is cortisol produced by the body?

The body is said to produce the hormone called cortisol when it is under psychological or physical stress. Although in small doses it has positive effects like improving one’s alertness and well being. However, elevated cortisol levels for a long period of time can be detrimental on medical conditions like heart disease, diabetes, impotency and hypertension.

Further on research

The results of this study are in accordance with 22 studies that were carried out previously. They all showed that listening to music in controlled environment such as a lab or a hospital can help reduce cortisol levels.

It is further worth noting that these biological changes are not associated with musical experience, age or any kind of familiarity with genre of music being performed. This simply says that what they just found out in the study is the universal response of individuals to music concerts. That is anyone who attends a live music concert will experience lower cortisol levels. However, the study has focused only on the effects of calming classical music. More research is required to find out if other genres of music have different effects on the endocrine system. Even the effects of participating in other kinds of cultural events have to be studied.

The current study is a great beginning! It opens up the question of how music and cultural arts can influence psychological and biological states of an individual. The potential of cultural events to enhance the health and well-being of people has to be analyzed.

So, are you guys ready for the next music concert after knowing that Live Music Performance Reduces Stress Hormone?



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