Living Close To Airport Affects Your Health.Here’s How!


Living Close To Airport Affects Your Health.Here’s How!

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Real estate ads don’t forget to mention that their property is close to airport. They usually word it as ‘5 min drive to the airport’. Sounds pretty lucrative, right? However, consider yourself blessed if you stay away from the airport. And no, it is not just because you will have less noise pollution. A new study has found that areas close to the airport have higher levels of pollution and lead to health issues like asthma and heart disease.

Living Close To Airport Affects Your Health

What did they find in the study and how?

So, you want to know what the researchers actually did? The study involved both Colombia University and the University of California and they studies the 12 major airports in the state of California in the US. They calculated the time spent by planes idling at the gate or moving from the gate to the runway every day. Now, you may wonder why the two times were chosen, well, let me tell you that air planes release the highest amount of carbon monoxide at these times. Carbon monoxide is a toxic gas that is extremely harmful to humans. The researchers also studied the health statistics of the residential areas within a 10 km radius of all airports. They started tallying the number of hospital visits people made for asthma, lung disease, and heart problems in those areas.

The researchers found that those who lived within a 10 km radius of the airport faced a 17% increase in asthma cases, 9% increase in heart problems and again a 17% increase in lung disease (COPD). The link was actually so strong that if planes spent a longer time idling or taxiing on any given day, the number of health cases would proportionally increase in the next few days. According to researchers, within a 10 km radius of the airport the concentration of carbon monoxide is the strongest. Beyond that it gets dispersed.

Why this issue is more serious than it appears?

The airports of California that were studied have air pollution levels much below the prescribed limits for airports in the US, and still they are causing a lot of harm to health. Just imagine what would happen to those people who stay close to the airports that have higher levels of carbon monoxide pollution. This study is one of the many studies that have closely investigated the impact of staying close to airports of human health. Even in the past research has revealed that living close to an airport is a major risk factor for numerous health issues, which include heart disease, stroke, lung cancer and respiratory diseases.

So, has the study scared you? If you already own a property within a 10 km radius of the airport, you can’t do anything. However, if you are planning to buy a new property, you can always buy one that is not within the 10 km radius of the airport. The next time search for ads that say ‘really away from the airport’, if at all they publish so!

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