Living The Way Grandma Did For Good Health


Living The Way Grandma Did For Good Health

Living The Way Grandma Did For Good Health

Hello All!!!

Miss your grandma? How she used to manage the crowd of aunts, uncles and cousins and still not complain . Well, the good old days when life was very simple. Today, it is all a rat-race. The one who earns the most is crowned as the most intelligent one and those who are left behind are regarded as a bunch of fools. In today’s fast paced world, our lives are very different from what are grandparents have lived. In our never ending search for a healthy life, it is time that we look down at are roots. We can make improvements in our present day lifestyle by reconnecting with the past. Here is how you should go about it:

1) Cooking at home

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Include little pieces of grandma’s style in your daily routine. Even though you have embraced the lifestyle of dining out, and getting pre-packaged food, you should start cooking at home like how Grandma used to. You should designate a few hours for your kitchen and see the difference.

Your home cooked meals need not be exactly from scratch. Choose your own shortcuts. Try doing multitasking. Watch TV and peel your potatoes a night before the planned meal. Make larger soup portions or oats on a holiday so that you can reheat it later in smaller portions later. A lot of people have started baking stuff at home be it cookies or even bread. It may seem tedious but having a slice of homemade bread made with different grains in it is a very healthy idea. Surf the net for simple and quick bread recipes! By the way our Indian bread, the much loved roti is always made fresh. Though you get them frozen too but there is nothing like eating rotis fresh from the hot plate. You can knead enough flour that lasts you for 2-3 meals and store it in the refrigerator.

2) Use what is in season and locally available

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You should start using veggies and fruits that are in season and are available locally. It is good both for the planet and for your health. The reason of choosing seasonal and local produce is that the other fruits and veggies at the supermarket can be genetically modified. So, instead of having cauliflower in summers, try the humble bottle gourd (lauki) which is more seasonal. Exotic veggies and fruits from countries far away should also be avoided as after travelling half the globe they lose their nutrients and goodness. So, there is no point in buying such veggies and fruits.

3) The best remedy is the one you find at home

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The previous generation used to enter the kitchen when sick and not open medicine boxes like how we do. Using pharmaceutical drugs is a part of modern lifestyle where don’t have the time to treat ourselves the traditional way. We just pop a pill and get going. Remember how your grandma used to make ‘kada’ for your cough and cold? Using herbs, they used to cure you almost completely. Have nausea or cramps in your tummy? Ginger is just the thing for you! In India, the Ayurvedic way of healing is still not out of our lives. Keep the tradition alive!

4) Spending time knitting, sewing and embroidering

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You must have spotted Grandma sitting in the corner and knitting socks for you and you used to wear them all winter long with love. They used to keep themselves well occupied with activities like sewing, knitting and embroidering. This prevented their minds from wandering onto unwanted things. Remember that an idle mind is a devil’s workshop. Now just compare what do you do when you have some free time from your busy schedule. You think about your friend’s expensive car and curse yourself for owning an ordinary one. You envy a colleague’s party dress that you simply can’t afford. So, stop doing all that and start focusing on getting creative with some knitting and sewing. If you don’t know the skill, learn it. It is always good to know something different. Maybe you can brag a bit about your new knitting skills 😉

Hope this post was interesting!

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