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Loneliness Affects Reasoning Ability And Memory

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Latest research says that loneliness affects reasoning ability and memory. Nobody wants to stay alone by choice as humans are social animals but at times circumstances force people to lead a very lonely life. I know many elderly people who stay alone without the support of their children. It is indeed heart-breaking that you abandon your parents as they grow older. They were the ones who brought you into this world and took great care of you. Well, this is nothing new and is happening everywhere today. On the other hand, I also know many youngsters living abroad all on their own for work or studies.

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How Loneliness Affects Reasoning Ability And Memory?

Coming back to the research, factors such as whether you live with your friends or alone can affect your reasoning. The study says that the level of or wisdom varies a lot based on the situation. In the study, wise reasoning is defined as a combination of intellectual humility, consideration of other person’s perspective and being able to compromise.

The research is not dismissing the fact that wisdom has a personality component to it. However, situations in everyday life can affect our personality and the ability to reason wisely. It is also observed that wise reasoning varies dramatically across situations in everyday life. Further, for different people only some situations promote this quality.

Researchers are gearing up for further research! In the meantime let us look at the lives of people. Many people live alone because of their jobs. At times they have to live far away from their families. Emotionally, these people do get affected. When they reach home after office, they are not able to meet anyone and have to go ahead and fix dinner for themselves. It is tough but people just have to go ahead and make such loneliness a part of their lives.

Sometimes it feels as though people chose this loneliness just to earn a lot. This refers to those who reside in foreign countries all alone. The pay package may be big but what about emotional health? Emotionally, such people’s health is at stake. Their loneliness turns physical too! Do you know loneliness is said to increase the chances of a person to suffer a heart attack? Having no one beside you to call your own is not a great way to live life, no matter how much you are earning. After all money is not everything. Yes, it is extremely important for survival but it cannot buy everything. Bartering your health for money is by no means a great bet.

Socialize a bit

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If you stay alone, try the best to be amongst people on weekends. Go out with them for lunch or try a hand at adventure sports. It is only with people that you can build memories. Sitting alone you will only remember your past experience and that too the unpleasant ones. Go around and socialize with people. Make friends and see how happy your life becomes.

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